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Top Member Lesson^^

Top Member Lesson^^
So today was a bit of a whirlwind… I went to the Bath house for the LAST TIME on my mission!!! (I’ll come back later, of course) and while there I got a head ache and a stomach ache and so we went home early. Then I felt GREAT! so we left to email and not I feel sick again. But its fine because what really matters is the spiritual energy that we have! So this week was pretty good^^

This week we met with Sreymom alone. So no Cambodian translation… but it was great! We talked about what she remembered from the restoration lesson and we asked her to re-build the cups (there is a cup parable or visual) and she ended up teaching us the WHOLE LESSON. Very cutely with her broken English I might add….  She wants to know everything!

We planned to meet again on Saturday, but plans fell through. We talked again at church on Sunday. There was another baptism this week! Brother Lee. So before that started, I talked with Sreymom and we talked about baptism and about a date. She asked me “Do you think I can” and I told her “you have a good heart. You know God, and you have desire, you want to” and she literally shouted for joy and hugged me and kissed my cheek and was SOOO happy!!

We met again that night and started the Plan of Salvation. Near the end, she bore her testimony about how she is like Joseph Smith, searching for the true church and show she knows that she has found it and wants to join. We set the baptismal date for the 31st. Pray for us to be able to teach her all that she needs and to help her feel confident in this decision. Her husband Patro will baptize her and give her the holy ghost in Cambodian!!

As for Sister Hwang, we taught her on Wednesday with a member and it was really great. We talked about feeling the Holy Ghost. Then again on Saturday with Sister Bringhurst.

– Can I just comment that she is one of the TOP members that I would pick to do a member lesson with. She listens well, even though it’s not her language. She follows. She wants to know everything they say and everything we say. She shares her part when needed and everything she testifies of is by the spirit. –

When Sister Bringhurst bore her testimony of this Church and the Book of Mormon and how Sister Hwang has been God’s daughter from the beginning, it was the most beautiful thing ever. And we took that chance to tell Sister Hwang that this feeling, this warmth, was the Holy Ghost and we invited her to remember this and pray for the ability to feel it more. When Sister Hwang prayed to close that lesson, she prayed for that feeling she *felt that day.

She is just progressing so well and though she doesn’t know for SURE if she can become a member well, I know. She is gaining new knowledge and she accepts it easily. All she needs now is the confidence to believe that she can and turn that belief into a knowledge. I love her! and all the women and members and missionaries in my life.

I had a good day and I hope you did too! Be safe! And have the confidence to ask God for help. He is waiting for you to ask. He is waiting to help you

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)