Permission and Progress <(^.^<)

Well I will begin with last week, we went to Gong-Ju to see the cherry blossoms! YAY! I’m not really a sight-seeing person so it was just good. Didn’t bring my camera with me so no pictures sorry! As for today, we and 4 other Sisters went to the oh-so-famous- YuSeong Spa… a bathhouse. It was magical, as always. I only have 7 more weeks to go!!! I wish i could go EVERY week! But we’ll see if my new companion next transfer is willing… or will we have to force her?? ^^

This week we met with Sister Jo Young-Ju. I mentioned her in past emails. but here is a great update for you all… She will receive baptism on the 26th of April! WOO! She is already changing! Just little differences in her personality. I cant wait to see her come out of the water, new and glowing. She seems to be working real hard for this. She sees the importance of it! And she gave up things in the Word of Wisdom just because it is God’s commandment. No questions asked, just like we all ought to do ^^ Meeting with her two times a week has been a privilege and a great learning experience.

We also met with Brother Hwang’s Sister, Hwang AeJa. We taught her the Restoration. When we brought up prayer she had a real light in her eyes and I feel as though she is currently finding out thta God is her loving Father in heaven.

The other big news is that we watched General Conference this week! Sister Hwang came to a session. Sister Jo came to a session (she had a test to prepare for and take on Sunday, otherwise she would have come to all sessions) And Brother Hwang came to ALL of them! He’s so great!

Better yet, the final scoop of this week… we have been set loose of Brother Hwang’s mother… She told him to learn and study. So basically permission to do what he desires!!! A HUGE BLESSING!! So we are going to do FHE on Wednesday and finally meet the mother! And we will be able to really teach Brother Hwang’s wife! I’m so excited and so happy for them!!!!

Everyone keep up the praying and scripture reading! Don’t go a day without reading!!! It’s key to your spirituality! I heard a quote once that sounds similar to a scripture in the Book of Mormon…

Alma 41:10~ We all know it… “Wickedness never was happiness” But the quote goes like this… “Laziness in spiritual matters never was happiness” So fix your lazy habits and BE BETTER! And Listen to conference again because YOU HAVE THE INTERNET!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

People Are Chasing Us…

People Are Chasing Us…
Why that sort of title you may wonder? Well, recently our someone told us “Investigators are chasing you!” I will get to the why in just a minute.

This week was quite busy. No time for a break, no food in our fridge almost all week (don’t worry I was fed), and a lot of POTENTIAL! My favourite kind of busy ^^ On Monday we met a Less Active Member who is very fun to talk to. On Tuesday we met with two investigators. One is a grandma and one is a 10 year old little girl. Both are very lovely and easy to teach. We teach the little girl (JinYul) English and we made a ‘candyland’ type game of Plan of Salvation. She remembers things so well!

On Thursday we met Sister Hwang! Brother Hwang’s sister…. obviously. She is so beautiful and so smart. She doesn’t yet believe in God, but she is willing to try to gain a testimony and learn from us. An Elder in the area made a set of 22 questions that could help a basic testimony grow and marked up all the answers in a Book of Mormon that we gave to Sister Hwang. We think it will really help her. We just talked about God and mentioned baptism ~ we gave a soft baptismal date and she said that when she knows this gospel is true she will get baptized!! YAY!

After that lesson, we met Sister Jo YoungJu. Remember her from last week’s email! Well she knows so much and we met her oldest daughter SuMin and they both have such great interest! So pray for that to increase ^^ We also were able to extend a baptismal date to her. She kind of slid is off but we had a miracle on the weekend. Sister Shin connected with Sister Jo YoungJu so well! And they talked about a baptismal date together a little bit. So I’m pretty sure we’re going to finalize that this next week, so if you can pray for us, thank you!

And as for Brother Hwang, we had our last lesson with him this week. It was beautiful and long and so helpful. Right now a big worry for him or for us, is that he is really spiritual and his wife doesn’t really want a religious husband. But seeing he come to church and seeing how comfortable she is makes me hopeful. She touched my hair the other day like a friend/mom type of figure. I’m really really glad she is comfortable with me like that.

So His baptismal service was nice. Lots of investigators came and a nice amount of members came. It was nice. But what was better was when he received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He really looked like a new light was about him. And right after church, we witnessed him receiving the Aronic Priesthood! Woot he is progressing ^^

That was my week! Keep being strong and happy! I love you! Have a great week~

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

April Fourth


Hello everyone!! Happy almost April! Can you believe it’s almost April?? That means spring and General Conference! CANT WAIT! Some funny things this week:

Sister Oh got her ears pierced!!! AND She is memorizing a few primary songs in English… “Lead me, guide me, walk inside me…” Is just one of them ^^

This week we also had our Spring Cleaning house check! We were complimented for having one of the cleanest houses! ^^ Thank you new found joy for cleaning!

As for feeling the spirit this week, I was sick alot ㅠㅠ So that cut out alot of focus. But despite that, We had a GREAT lesson with a less active member named Sister Mo. We try to visit her ever week on Mondays. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well! On top of that, we met with a former investigator of previous Sisters in this area, and felt the spirit real strong talking about the Holy Ghost and the way it communicates to us.

This week we also met a new investigator names Sister Young-ju Jo. She was a referral from a member in GawangJu and she is VERY fun and outgoing. The member who referred her wants her to recieve baptism at the end of April. Pleas pray for us to teach with the spirit and work toward that amazing goal of a month baptism. She knows so much already and is quite prepared. She came to church yesterday as well.

Speaking of church, Brother Hwang had a business trip this weekend so he wasn’t able to come to church, BUT His sister and his friend came!! His sister, as I have mentioned before, has already attended church once. We are meeting her tomorrow! She literally knows nothing, so pray for us to find her needs ^^

As for Brother Hwang’s friend, on Friday he gave his friends number to the Elders and they immediately contacted him… turns out the talked to him a few weeks ago on the street when they were doing a survey!! Miracles!!!

And last but not least (Best actually) Brother Hwang has learned the first 4 lessons all the way through. We had a lovely meeting with him on Friday. He got a glimpse of what baptism is like through a clip from The District. After the lesson ended, Sister Bringhurst, through translation, expressed her love and all the members love for Brother Hwang in a testimony. After teaching him about the Law of the Fast, we invited him to fast next Sunday for a special cause and offered our support to fast with him. Sister Bringhurst brought out her family pictures and explained how important family is to her and in our church. She offered, if he would accept our help to fast with him so that he can have the opportunity to tell his mother about his interest and acceptance of this church. It brought him to tears and he really felt our love.

After the appointment, he was interviewed from baptism! His baptism will be on Saturday the 4th at 6 pm!!! (For you in Utah that is 2am on Saturday morning…) SO excited for him!!!

Thank you all soo much for your prayers!!! I know they helped! Hopefully there will be more people for you to pray for soon. Thank you!!! I love you!!! Have a good day!

PS: keep praying for him though^^

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

~~He chose April 4th because in Korea 4 in an unlucky number. It is a sign of death. I think there are a couple unique things in this date, so close to the Lord’s Birth and on the FOURTH day of the FOURTH month he will be ressurected and reborn as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a new person.

Surprise ^^


FIRST WEEK OF THE NEW TRANSFER! That means the rest of my sisters in my MTC group have one transfer left. It means 6 weeks more with Sister Oh. It means a transfer with new goals and a new start and a new mind. AND I AM SO READY!

Last P-day we went to Eun-Haeng-Dong, which is a area in my area, but a nickname for the 3 mile long underground shopping mall… (PS already been there 3 times…) Well we went again. Cheap delicious food exists there too! So we spend any hours there. We also cleaned a little and other SUPER fun stuff. Plus I made planners for Elders in my district. FUN DAY

Tuesday we did splits with the Sister Leader’s companions. Both are greenies (one Korean one Philippine) so it was an interesting day. I helped the Philippine sister, named Sister Palller. I got a taste of training. It’s REALLY something else to not be able to use Korean words in my English. There’s so much new missionaries don’t know. So it was a learning experience, but I hope I helped her!

On Wednesday we had a really good Ward Missionary Council. A lot of homework was given… I hope we can remember it all! We also met a new investigator! Her name is Eun-Kyeong Jeon (yes i know all the names sound the same-I think so too) So she is GREAT! She studies the bible so hard!!! I think she really enjoyed the gospel talk as well.

And the Highlight (well there’s two) is ALWAYS Brother Hwang. We met him this week on Friday with our mission President and his wife. Brother Hwang’s wife and daughter came!!!!! IT was sooo fabulous and his wife told us that she is more comfortable with the church!!! It’s sooo great! So crazy stuff, when we talked to Brother Hwang on Sunday and discussed his baptismal service in a bit more detail, he requested President Shin to baptise him!!! How cool right?? They got close I think. So that the wonderful news this week! Church was also spiritually focused on the Atonement. I think it was God’s blessing to us and to Brother Hwang, because that is where his questions are. SO thank you for your prayers!! They are helping soo much!!!

Currently his mother in visiting. The date he chose for his baptism is because his mother will be gone and its a bit less stressful. So after his baptism hopefully we can do FHE and we really want to focus those on his wife. We want to spark in her a desire for baptism and faith.So pray for that! Thank you!!!

AND!! Yesterday was Sister Oh’s (American age) 20th Birthday!!!! WOOT!! In our mission there is an older couple, Sister and Elder Bringhurst. My parents know them as the people who take care of my expenses and travel. They are called as the ‘office couple’ here. So they DO take care of travel and expenses. They also happen to attend the English Branch here with the Dun-San Ward. The adults have a separate Sunday school, but during sacrament, the Elders translate for them.

Well simply put, Sister Oh just loves them! She talks about them all the time! SO I made an appointment with them on Sunday night for her birthday. I wrote their name backwards in my planner and told sister Oh we were meeting a Philippine couple, so she had to practice her English. Sister Oh also doesn’t know streets very well so though she has been to their house 2 times, she remembered nothing. We even pressed a doorbell thing that needs a code to get into the apartment building, and Sister Bringhurst talked and Sister Oh didn’t recognize her voice!!! I asked her right after if she understood anything. She said she only understood “okay come up” and had no idea who it was. When we got up to the 3rd floor and she saw Sister Bringhurst, she new she was fooled and as Elder Bringhurst took pictures, she fell on the floor laughing and embarrassed. BEST EVER! I also made a card and bought her favourite chocolate in secret… AND WE’RE COMPANIONS! Together 24/7!!! I LOVE her soo much!!!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

Ready To Learn


“People will learn when they’re ready to learn. Not when you’re ready to teach them.” ~So we must always
​be ready, not to teach, but to listen to the Still Small Voice of the Spirit and teach by his guidance.

Whats new this week… hmm It was transfer week! But my companion and I stayed the same. We go two new Elders in our area. In DunSan ward Elder Park and in SunHwa ward Elder Ross…. My cousin!!! Woot!!! I always thought it would be fun to serve with him! And well here we are! And Plus we came to Korea together so that’s fun ^^

This week we found two new investigators! One is a Less Active member’s daughter. They used to live in the ward right next door. She is 11. Her name is Kim JinYul. So cute. The other is…. dun Dun DUN Brother Hwang’s Sister!!!! She is Beautiful and kind. wish us luck with these two!

Interesting thing this week… though neither of us transferred, we went to the transfer meeting, which is at the mission home. I got to see everyone! This transfer 11 sisters came in! So many greenies! We got to spend a day with a Sister from YeoSu who came us to be a temporary companion for another sister. She went back home after our day together, and she will go to the MTC for the Seoul South mission Tomorrow! It was a really crazy day with the thrown into our schedule.

The highlights of my week were certainly meeting with Brother Hwang. We met him at a member’s house of Friday and ate some food together. We discussed the Gospel of Christ and talked about Enduring to the End. I think it was really amazing for him. He has so many questions. I wish I could just answer all of them now!!! But I know that only through the Holy Ghost can I teach him and answer his many questions. We’re excited for General Conference and how much we know it will help him!

On Saturday we met him again with our Mission President’s wife. She is such a great help! And so amazing at teaching! I love her!! We taught half of the 4th lesson which is about the commandments. I think he really understands why we have them and wants to follow them. He said that before learning about church and this gospel, Sunday was a day to relax, but he never could really feel relaxed. But now as he has been coming out to church, he has found a lot more peace and quiet on Sundays after church. He has not failed to come each week!

And extra blessing was that he referred his sister to us! we ill start teaching her next week. She is just curious now, but hopefully Brother Hwangs example will touch her and this gospel will change her and make her happier.

That was my week! Full of amazing blessings and opportunities! I love this work soooo much! I am staying until the end of the year! Sorry MOM! 😛

Have a great week everyone! Write me more!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

First Generation Saints

Hello Everyone! Today’s email is a special email! Just really exciting news as of late.

This week we had our Korean Traditional Dress party! We just took pictures. We thought that was it, but we ended up going to the terminal and proselyting to people WEARING our hanboks! Its was epic and inspirational and I want to do it again! Maybe it was a bit cold, but nonetheless, FUN!

Sad news of this week, I threw up a lot. No idea what it was 😦 But on the bright side we found a new investigator! She is in her 70’s so pray that I can understand her. ^^

Some random news; TO MOM: I love cleaning. I’m sorry I didn’t clean much. I clean all the time. My companion calls me a clean freak ever since she learned the word~

As for the special news this week, I will first share an AMAZING talk given by Sister Bringhurst (the senior office couple Sister missionary in our area). She talked about how serving here in Korea, there are so many people who have yet to hear the gospel. Also so many new members, recently converted in the last several years. She explained that we are living among first generation saints. And she shared how neat it is to see their change and help them in that change. This place is a pioneer land. It gives me a chance to look back into my family history and see a little and understand a little of what they might have thought, felt, or done. I can understand a little of how much they had to give up in order to become a part of this blessing.

Well that’s it for this week. I hope you all have a good day!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

“I Am a Child of God” Listen to the words.. do they touch your heart?


Hello Everyone!! It’s been some nice weather here in Deajeon… around 6 degrees… hahaha Anyway, this week has had it’s highlights. Crazy stuff first.

Last week we went to JungAng SiJang. That is the market place at the edge of our area. And we went… HANBOK shopping!!! A 한복 HanBok: 한 Han is for Korea. 한식 HanShik = Korean food. 한글 hanGul = Korean alphabet… ect. 복 Bok is the OLD word for clothes. So simply put, a Korean traditional dress! For women its literally a dress. So in news for today, we are having a little Sister Activity together and taking pictures in HanBoks all together. So of course I had to buy one… and they are not cheap. They are also used at traditional weddings and so you can buy one fore $1000 if you buy it as your wedding dress. Also it can be a bridesmaid dress or a graduation dress or anything fancy. So I got one for relatively cheap… PICTURES next time ^^ It was also one of the things i didn’t want to leave Korea without.

This week Sister Oh and I obsessed over a food called Dalk-kang-jang. It is basically boneless chicken pieces. I realized why I love it SOO much… ITS JUST LIKE PANDA EXPRESS!! Except a bigger variety of sauce flavour. So The point is, we ate it almost every time we saw it. One day was particularly hard because we were fasting…

Now besides the usual (me teaching Sister Oh English that she doesn’t need, like the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air rap and how to talk like a gangster) Everything is pretty normal around here. Now I can tall you a bit about our investigators. Sister HangEui Jo chose an English name!! Jayln. She is such a fun person!

Sister YuMi Lee learned more about the Plan of Salvation this week. We’re taking it real slow with her. But she is progressing well. We are trying to get a day to do FHE with her every week.

As for Brother Hwang, this week all the Sisters in DunSan ward were out of town together at a Relief Society Campout (FUN!) So we had to cancel our 11 am appointment with Brother Hwang because we couldn’t find an adult Sister to help. But God always provides! We were able to do FHE instead at their house! Which is so much more useful for their family. We learned that after we taught the Plan of Salvation, their daughter Hayeon would say things like “If mommy drinks alcohol she cant go to the celestial kingdom!” Brother Hwang’s wife, Sister EunSuk was very active in learning this time. She also shared how her husband is such a good example. And at the end, maybe for the fourth time, Brother Hwang cried while he said the prayer. And right after, his wife was wiping tears, asking the rhetorical question “why am I crying?”

The next day Brother Hwang came to church the WHOLE 3 hours with his daughter. It was her first time in Primary. I went with her and it was very fun to see her try and participate. She LOVES to read so much so when the teacher asked who wanted to read the scripture, her hand shot up. She read the Book of Mormon SO well! And when they asked who believes in God and Who believes in Jesus, she raised her hand high like all the other little children.

Also, during sacrament meeting, the last song sung was “I Am a Child of God” HaYeon sang loud, and I looked over to see Brother Hwang crying. The song had really touched him. Everything has touched him spiritually recently. So because of that we gave him a children’s hymn book and told him to take it home and sing with HaYeon. We also gave him the Family: A Proclamation to The World in a pamphlet version, and asked him to read it together with his family. Brother Hwang is such an amazing husband and father! He is progressing so well. We’ll fill you in about his baptism next week!

PS Sister Oh will transfer in a week and a half, so be prepared! haha I’m not… BYE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)