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Transfers… finally! ^^ 흥덕

I'm holding a grasshopper!

I’m holding a grasshopper!

This is Bing Su!

This is Bing Su!

This week has been a bit crazy! Everyone knows that I’m leaving Seosan so many people want to eat together one last time 🙂 And Sister Deus and I found a new bakery! YUM!
Just so you all know, my new area is 흥덕!!!  Heung-Duk. It is a four sister House!!! And it’s an OLD OLD HOUSE haha But it’s a city!!! So I’m happy!!! I’ll tell you more about it next week.
This week we met with Sister Park JuYeon. We headed into her house, ready to ask her if we can meet her husband or perhaps she could talk to her husband and let him know that she is meeting with us. The first thing she brought up was how her husband doesn’t know about us meeting and that she plans on telling him tomorrow! (Saturday) Isn’t that great! I really hope it works out for her and she is able to talk to him and open his mind about our church and our gospel. She then proceeded to tell us that not only does her husband come home at a good time for a family and not only does he cook for her often, but that he has never smoked or drunk alcohol in his life BECAUSE of his church!!! Her husband is truly a prepared person. Please pray for her husband to be open and willing to meet with us! She is a great woman and very diligent in her family and in her marriage^^
This week me also met with Sister Lee EunJung. We went to the mart and bought things like flour and measuring cups… and WE MADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!! This is a miracle in Korea! No one bakes here! Even if they have an oven! (A TINY oven at that) So the cookies were delicious and reminded us of America. and they also reminded how I used to eat too many in a few hours and how I would always feel yucky after… and then I was slightly scared to go back to America next year because I’m being healthy here… 😦
On Saturday we went to SulBing. It is a desert cafe near our church. It specializes in BingSu which is shredded ice with Red Beans and sugary things^^ Look up pictures!! haha It might not look very good but I assure you that it’s the best dessert in the world!!! Even better than my mother’s brownies…. SORRY MOM!!! ❤ but I tried a new one that doesn’t have the beans in it, and it was BETTER!!!!! Bing Su is the BIGGEST desert in Korea and It’s super popular in the summer. So we went there with two 20 year old college students. It wasn’t very expensive! (Which is a shock for a cafe in Korea) and they gave me small gifts and SUPER cute notes because I’m leaving!!! They are SOOO Cute!!! And One of them thought my name was Jeson… ^^
So some things that I learned yesterday… Our ward mission leader said “It’s great to be friends, but it’s better to be united God’s rules and in His gospel” He told a story about his mission where we was a few minutes later getting home and he felt horrible. So he and his companion prayed and repented and they asked for help to get home on time so that they could follow EVER rule. They next night the same situation arose and they parked and ran into their home with only there planners because they didn’t have time to grab the other things if they wanted to be in the house at 9 on the dot. So he emphasized following the rules and not just being friends and letting each other slide by. I know from experience, I have a better, more spiritual, more enriched day if I wake up on time and if I work out for my full 30 minutes.
I especially love Jeffrey R Holland’s quote “Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.” Because I have been in Seosan for so abnormally long, it’s been a journey to see the blessings come from it. And I know there have been many, and I know that as soon as I go to another area, I will greatly see the blessings from THOSE experiences in Seosan and with Sister Deus. I heard that you must recognize the reason why God sends you where you are. But I often think, why me? What can I don in this area? How am I blessing the people by being here? But often Sister Deus says she is thankful for how much I have changed and impacted her. And even if that was my only reason, I am grateful for just her! 
Well everyone, I hope you have a great Sunday or what ever day it is when you’re reading this 😛 I love you all! And God Loves you!!! Be sure to be thankful for all the things you are given and know your purpose for doing what you’re doing now or where you are. You can make a difference!!!!!

Urgency! 기반감

This week was a rush! I don’t remember half of what we did… I can give you an update on the weather though… Korea’s rainy season is supposed to be the end of June. But SURPRISE! No rain came until mid July… abnormal apparently (And apparently last summer was SUPER HUMID and this last winter was not as cold as it should have been). So the rain finally came. And It’s still coming. But when it’s not raining… HUMIDITY KILLS ME! Our house is 29 degrees!!!! I CANT TAKE IT. When I walk to a members house, I enter feeling like I just went swimming… THAT is how much I’m sweating! Sorry 😛 All that keeps me sane and helps me endure is the gospel, and my purpose as a missionary ^^ Haha and the fact that it will ALL be over at the end of September which is right around the corner. Then I get coldness and all my cute clothes with stylish layers come out! YAY WINTER!!! I always loved winter ❤
My Mission President gave the mission a new goal or mindset. Urgency. Urgency in the work. Members don’t have the urgency we missionaries need because they are here for a long time. They LIVE here… So we need to push them to do mission work better and faster. We have drilled into our mind at the beginning of each transfer, that we are only here for a small amount of time. We need to gain the trust and respect as FAST as we can in order to get mission work done in the best way and in the best time. So an acronym we were told about is the new FHE…
I’m not sure how it replaces the real FHE because the two aren’t related, but… It’s a good acronym. (don’t expect me to use it in my email much though) good stuff huh?
This last Wednesday was Sister Deus’s year mark in Korea and my “Hump” day (half-way through the mission) So on Thursday with a member, we burned some things! It was SUPER FUN! and I breathed in a lot of smoke, but SO FUN!! I will send pictures next week ^^
This week we met with a 46 year old woman named Sister Choi . She is friends with our investigator Sister Lee EunJung. She has a son in 6th grade who we are teaching English to. His pronunciation is AMAZING!!! She and her family are Buddhist and not very open with meeting missionaries, but they are willing to try it. The first time meeting with them was great! So I think it will be okay 🙂 We also have two other investigators who are 1st year college students! We meet with them together and they are learning English. BUT they are also reading the Book of Mormon so well!! And the progress is amazing!! We think one of them is beginning to become interested in the gospel! But they haven’t come to church yet, so we will see! Our other investigator Sister Park JuYeon read the chapter we asked her to read… And the next three chapters!! Seeing as her husband is a bit against our Church, I think her reading the Book of Mormon is a great beginning to her and maybe his conversion as well. I hope she can enjoy it as much as I do and find a testimony of God through reading. It is the first thing she needs because she doesn’t yet believe that God exists. I wonder if I can ask everyone who has time, to pray for those reading the Book of Mormon everywhere! Because as soon as they take that first step and read sincerely, I know that they will find the truth within those pages! I know the Book of Mormon is God’s word and if it is His word, then Joseph smith is a true prophet of God. And if he is a true Prophet, then our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of the Earth, for we are the only church who has this true and holy added word of God on top of the Bible! I believe it all! And I hope you can to!!
THANK YOU everyone and I love you all!!! Keep progressing in any and every way possible!! Keep up the good habits and improve the ones that aren’t up to standard. CONSTANT PROGRESSION!!!!! (Today is a good day) BYE!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Small miricles can change lives ^^

Small miricles can change lives ^^
Hmm… what happened this week?? Near home and near a mart that we shop for food at, is a little clothing stand shack. Each time I have passed I have had a feeling that I want to go there. But sadly time has not been available. But last Monday we were able to go and take a look at the clothes. Nothing in particular that I wanted, but I felt the urge to stay and browse a little longer. Not long after I found something, the owner lady came out and talked to us. She had many questions for us about who we are and where we came from. (Everyone in Korea thinks I’m french…) She invited me to try on the dress and then invited us to stay and chat for a while as well as buy us strawberry smoothies!! I see great potential in this 40 something year old woman. She was completely interested in our church, and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon!! A small miracle, but a miracle nonetheless! 🙂
With our other two ladies that we are teaching, it has been going well! The first is Sister Park JuYeon. She didn’t know too much about our church before but she has wanted to attend for some time! Though because I told you last time, her husband thinks we are a cult, not much progression is available to her until we can meet with her husband and get her out to church. But she even wanted to attend when she thought we worshiped Joseph Smith!!! We corrected her and let her know that he is just a mortal man and that he is special, but we do not worship him. She had some serious dedication! Now that she knows the truth a little better, maybe we can get her to share it with her husband. We gave her a Book of Mormon as well and she says she cannot wait to read it!! We are going to give her the picture version too for her 3 year old daughter too… even though the words are a bit complex… 🙂
The other woman we meet with is Sister Lee EunJung. She hasn’t had much time because she works crazy hours, but each time we meet together we have good conversation. In particular, last Saturday she came home from a 11 hour shift at 10 in the morning about. She was so tired she planned on cancelling our appointment. But when she read our text message, she was touched and felt like she still needed to meet with us. Because of her work she has felt like she has no personal time or any time for her son. She’s had thoughts of getting a new job before, but ever since we started meeting with her, she has had those thought more than ever before. I can see the Lord working in her life and pushing her toward a better option so that she has time for herself and for her family.
This week was exciting, but not as busy as it usually has been. The weeks are winding down and I am seeing my time in Seosan left and it’s too short! I love all the members here and I can actually speak to them now so I’m even more sad!!! But all will be okay because we believe in God and Jesus Christ! I know that They live and that They are here for me when I am sad or in pain! I hope you can all strengthen your faith and continue to follow the words of the lord!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Unexpected Blessings

This week ended quite interestingly… But first what I did DURING the week! On Tuesday we cooked meat on the roof!! The roof of a memers Apartment that is! We met one of her friends again and talked about lot’s of random things including how my feet are too big to find shoes in korea… IM SO SAD! And then she gave Sister Deus SUPER cute shoes!!!! IM SO JEALOUS! (they arent missionary shoes though… so I’m not jealous anymore 😛 Anyways, yummy delicious food and some great conversation on a roof. You might be pictureing a pretty view, but Seosan is pretty smoggy and dirty. i hardly ever see the blue sky :(too close to seoul I guess)
On Wednesday we visited a lady named Sister Lee EunJung. She is wonderful and gorgeous! She came to our english class once and called us a few days after and said she is curious about why we are in Korea and wants to meet with us. We teach her English, but she is fairly interested in gospel too! She has a nine year old son and her husband died a couple years ago. Since then she hasnt diligently attended any church. But nontheless we invited her on Saturday and she came to sacrament meeting!! She really enjoyed it and we think she might be open to coming nxt week too!
So why was this week interesting? Are you still wondering? Well about four months ago, the Seosan Elders started teaching a man named Lee GangSam. He happened to be a preacher for a different church, BUT he attended our church nearly every week too… ?? Weird. He explained that he was interested in our beliefs, but because the other church was his job, he didnt want to leave it. He’d heard all the lessons, but he wasn’t letting go of the other church, so the Elders stopped teaching him. About a month or so ago, he came to Stake Conference and my Mission President asked him why he wasnt baptised yet!! He stopped coming to church after that.
Then last week he showed up to church. I noticed he looked a bit thiner and quieter. Our Branch President sat by him during Sunday school and talked to him. Yet again, someone asked why he hasnt been baptised. He expressed that after President Shin asked the same question, he thought about it and pondered why he wasnt yet baptised. So Branch President, with the Elders, taught a 3 hour lesson after church. And on Friday he had his baptismal interview, and yesterday was his baptism. Sister Deus and I didnt even know!  So it shocked us both.
I didnt nessesarily think he was ready. but his testimony at his baptism was heartfelt and I am thankful he finally acted on all his knowledge that he gained while being taught our beliefs. I have seen three baptisms in Seosan now, each person taught by the Elders. But I want the next person baptised in Seosan to be someone I know personally, someone I really love! Sister Lee EunJung is accepting and I hope she can progress well! So pray for her and for us to tteach her well!
Thanks for the prayers and support! I know the work is really going well all around the world! But there is always something more we can do!!! 감사합니다!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

We blame Zone Meeting… 취속한 약속 많아요 :(


This last week has flown by!! Sister Deus and I started the first day of the transfer last week… we were sooo bored on P-day! There is nothing to do is SeoSan! And I feel super lazy on P-day if I do nothing… But we had a great FHE that night playing Jenga and getting a little closer to the Branch members ^^ On Tuesday we went to a city called OnYang, which is close to Cheonan… And had Zone conference. It was fun to see all the new people. Every single missionary in my Zone is different than when I first came except for one Elder and one Sister… ALL DIFFERENT!! I’ll be next 🙂 Anyways, some fun interesting facts about my mission… about 17 missionaries are leaving in August, then another 8 in September and another 6 in November and another 12 in December… We are loosing SO MANY! Our mission went from 160 when I got here to 125 at the end of this transfer! We receive 12 Greenies next transfer… but the hook is, only 2 are Sisters… and Korean Sisters at that… (Only 2 Korean sisters came in a week ago) So basically the Sisters in my mission are going down Down and DOWN! If I ever train, it will be only once because there aren’t any sisters coming!!!! (Sister Deus and I think all the 4 sister areas will need to be moved down to 2!!) So craziness aside, I’m loving my mission. New ideas are forming over night, and new things are being put into place. It’s all a bit crazy, but I enjoy it.

A couple quotes from my mission president”

“I think a baptism in Seosan is equal to 3 or 4 baptisms in Chumdan” WOOT! Chumdan is the BIG baptising area in my mission soo… this is happy thoughts… but I haven’t had one, so I’m sure none is equal to none anywhere… 😦 We’re trying though!

“You are writing your resume every day” Every single thing you do in your life, little or big, impacts your spiritual resume and your earthly resume. We must try to act as though every thought an action counts and is permanent! Because it is! God remembers all.

PS: We finally got a fan in our house… We have had no Air conditioning this WHOLE summer!!!! AH!!!!

This week was a bit sad, almost all of our appointments canceled on us 😦 We were able to stay busy and find things to fill the time. But it wasn’t a very productive week. I hope next week will be better! Wish us luck this next week! And I will think of something better to share too… I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

What a week!


First things first… WOO!!! Seosan for FIVE transfers! That’s SUPER long in my mission. Even four is long, but not unheard of. Sister Jensen and Sister Collyer from my MTC district are also in their Greenie areas for five transfers… so I’m not alone ^^ Five transfers in one area is also getting more and more common, but it was utterly unheard of in a greenie area! So we were a bit shocked… but there is also a rule that you can only be in the same area for five transfers. So… I’m definitely transferring next transfer. So wish me luck for 6 more weeks here!

On Monday Sister Deus and I woke up at 5:30 am! And we emailed at 6:30! (Super early because the Elders had to email also) Then we ate breakfast at a cafe and took a bus to Cheonan at 10am. I got to wear pants! 😛 On the bus we got our transfer calls. Elder Oehler is moving to Jungang!! A CITY!!! SO JEALOUS! He likes City better. But I secretly hoped that if I stayed, he would stay so I would have someone who knows what five transfers in Seosan is like… But nope. It’s all okay because now we have Elder Grigg!!! I don’t know him at all… We’ll miss you Elder Oehler!

Cheonan was a party! We went to a beautiful park and had subway sandwiches… TOTALLY AMERICAN!!! and I got to meet a couple new missionaries and make new friends. It was a super fun day! On Tuesday we had District meeting and I drew an AWESOME picture of all of us as FRUIT! The Korean sisters in HongSeong LOVED it… a bit too much 😛 But anyways it was a fun day. We ate at Shabu Holi (The amazing 2nd floor restaurant)
and had some nice last District meeting unity. Only 2 Elders left the district… Next transfer is up for some BIG change! Both HongSeong Sisters go home… so either a white wash, or closed (it’s too slow of work there) and I have to go, and Maybe Elder 조 and Maybe Dangjin Elders need to change to… So ALOT!!!!!!! CRAZINESS

Later that night we went, with a member, to our investigator Kim Do Yeon’s house and we gave each other massages and such. We also ate some delicious SamGaeTang (Chicken rice-y soup-y stew) together with our investigator’s husband!! First time meeting him ^^ And it was a blast! I basically got a facial… 😛

On Wednesday we went to DangJin really early. We have an investigator there who likes to meet at 11 in the morning. She was a referral from a member in GwangJu! She’s really sweet and has a cute little dog that I have found is the only dog that I think is cute as a baby AND as a grown dog… haha but I’m still allergic so no… Then we went to visit a member, but while we were out, Sister Deus lost her camera. It was a whole day busted and she’s really sad. She sent home her MTC and greenie pictures, but she lost all of her pictures with her companion before me… and I only have 70% of our pictures together… so a lot lost… she’s really sad. But she knows it will all be okay.

One of our new investigators is a 22 year old Yoo MinJi. She went to Middle school and high school in China and can speak fluent Korean, Mandarin, and English! She just got back from the UK about 2 weeks ago. The first thing I heard from her was “uh, yes hello hello. First may I go to the loo?” HAHAHA I forgot what British English sounds like… Shes so funny! and completely fluent. She is majoring in English literature, so she wants to keep up her English ^^ We plan on meeting with her 3 times a week!!!! She doesn’t know anyone here anymore… I love her!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! As missionaries, we aren’t allowed to use fireworks… fireworks are also illegal in Korea if they aren’t done on the beach… TOO FAR so no fireworks 😦 All We got to do was sing songs from the English Hymn book that I have (luckily I have it at all) Our day was too full to do anything else. That day we also texted a lady that we met on the street. She called back to tell us that her father passed away the day before and that she wouldn’t have any time to meet for a while. We offered to help her anytime she needs something, and she said she would love for us to come to his funeral. So on Saturday we went to the funeral and talked to her daughter who is 14 and completely fluent in English because they lived in New Jersey and in Florida for about 7 years. We plan to meet with them sometime soon. We were able to talk to her and her daughter a lot at the funeral and they both seemed quite interested about the Gospel. We were able to give them a Book of Mormon and I could see their interest grow. I’m excited to see where that goes!

It’s been a crazy week, but I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve in Seosan, even though it’s longer than I would have thought. President Shin told me last Monday, that his reason for not transferring me is because he wants me to see a baptism and he thinks I can make a difference in growing this area. Seosan has grown much in the last 6 weeks, but I also know that it can grow more. I can see the potential and I want to witness it for myself. So pray for me and the people I am teaching. I know there is still a lot to be done!

Have a good week and Thank you to all who are reading this whole email!! I love you!!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

Best Week Ever ^ – ^


This week was crazy! Last p-day we had lunch with one of our investigators at an AMAZING restaurant named Abokadu. It’s special for Pork Cutlet, which is honestly one of my favourite foods in Korea. It’s super expensive… (BUT IT HAS ICE CREAM!) Then after eating she asked us if  we had any plans. Because it was P-day we had none… So she took us to the beach! And I ate some fried shrimp that we ended up just giving to the Elders once we were home. 

On Tuesday we yet again took a visit to DangJin. We met with a lady who got a little too excited and called her 27 year old son in order to tell him she had two young American girls for him to meet… She told us about how rich he was and how big his house is and proceeded to give the phone to Sister Deus so they could ‘plan a date’. People here in Korea want us to marry their sons all the time… It’s scary. But no one has gone as far as telling him to come meet us! She even told him that in order to date us he has to get baptized though, because we’re missionaries.
On Wednesday we met with a woman from Africa who is 56. She came here for a long reason I cant explain, but ended up staying more than 3 years because she got diagnosed with Cancer 😦 And as soon as she was going to leave again, and had bought her plane tickets, she got diagnosed AGAIN. It was interesting to meet her and hear her story. We don’t plan on meeting her again, because her religious background is very solid, but it was a nice experience. And then that night I got sick… So we went home to rest 😛
The next day I got a blessing from the Elders and now I am well and on my feet again. 🙂
On Friday we met with Sister Heo. She took us to a friends house to eat lunch with him. He is a painter… For lunch we went to a seafood place… I may like cooked oysters and SOME fish now… but seafood is not going down… So I almost threw up… ITS ALL GOOD THOUGH! I DIDN’T THROW UP! And then back at his house, he introduced us to a new fruit!! We picked it from a tree and got to take some home! It’s called Boree fruit^^ It’s sour… so I love it. 
GUESS WHAT I DID ON SATURDAY!!!! KATHY DAY!!! We went to the AMAZING meat buffet that I went to 2 times in my first transfer. We taught her some Korean and we walked around the Lake Park by the church. An easy relaxed day. Therefore, this weekend is just one giant party! Friday we talked with an AWESOME Korean woman all day! Then Kathy came!! And then I spoke in church on Sunday as well as taught Gospel Principles class. Everyone is saying goodbye to me as if it’s for sure that I’m leaving! AND today I get to wear pants ALL day and have a picnic!!! 재미있겠다!
So that is the extent of my week. Thanks for reading all my crazy times!! It’s JULY tomorrow!! Can you believe it!! Time flies! Soon it will be November and I can mark a year gone!!! Wish me luck today as I find out where I’m going!! I will email about it next week!! I love you all!!! BYE!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)