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Week 7


     This week has been eventful! But Sorry, my letter will still be short. We received our Natives this week. All three of them are fluent in English… Two elders and one sister. One elder is going to CA. The other two are going to Busan. Sister Park is in my room! She is a great sister. She is very worried that she doesn’t have nearly enough time to learn how to teach and such, but I know she will do great. She is sweet and funny. Sister Collyer and I lover her and get along with her great! 

     So New years was this week. Its weird to think that I will be spending every bit of 2014 on a mission. This will be a great year and a year not wasted. We had a devotional about repentance, but really it was aimed more towards resolutions. The speaker mentioned that we can only get better and that TODAY is the beginning of the rest of our eternity. I am grateful for this new year and the opportunities it will bring. The speaker also emphasized that we can be whoever we eat to be this new year. I want to be the best missionary I can, not just the best Whitney that I can be. Whitney is great when she tries, but she has many faults. Sister Jenson on the other hand has been set apart and has  been blessed by God. i know this to be true and I know I can change for the better. My foremost 2014 resolution is to realize/discover what I was called to Korea. There are many small reasons that I think might be the answer, but I know, that in my mission, I will figure out the true reason. Within this discovery resolution is to be a better missionary. Obedient, mature, and an example to all those who see me and see the names on my badge. 
     This week we haven’t learned much new stuff, but we have been solidifying grammar and language concepts. What we have mostly been doing is practicing proselyting and tracting with other missionaries and with our teachers. I really enjoy the way Sister Collyer and I work together. We have been blessed with the ability to grab attention and summarize our lessons well. I really enjoy street contacting, and I cant wait to get out there on a real street and do it! I have to say that teaching and finding people who want to listen or who are even mildly interested is one of my favourite parts of being a missionary. 
      Random bit of info, we get a new MTC schedule on the 6th. This is because of BYU semester and schedules changing. My next P-day will be Thursday! So get on the email a day earlier! 
     On top of 6 am service this morning, today Sister Collyer had a doctors appointment WAY OFF campus. It was fun. She got to see two of her sisters because the doctor wanted a family member to be there to know what going on. So while that went on, I was in the waiting room… TALKING TO PEOPLE ABOUT THE GOSPEL! It was SOOOO FUN! I CANT WAIT! then we got beck to campus and did laundry and WHILE that was going we did lots of other random stuff. Then we RUSHED to eat lunch and then we cleaned the temple! It was an amazing experience and I got to wear white temple scrubs ^-^ We cleaned plants and lockers. Good times. And now Im back and emailing in the LAST minutes before Dinner at 5:40… RUSHED day… not much of a P-day. but I’m fine… Coolest part of today though… Our whole district walked back to campus together and followed our district leader to the mail room and…. 
WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS! my first flight is at 8:31. But I have to be at the travel office at 4:30am… early… but thats how it always is for us international folk. 😀 cant wait. Super excited all that funn stuff.
Anyways, have a nice day. Write me as much as you can in the next 9 days cause I know you wont when Im in KOREA! ha! Well BYE

Oh and I love you all!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Week 6


wow… so close. 2 more emails left…. This week was full, so this might be alot!

     Anyone remember Sister Payne from The District? Well she came and spoke to us… SWEETNESS The Devotional on sunday the 22nd was about teaching people not lessons. We get that alot here, but I still love it. Its SO TRUE! and it was about teaching with the holly ghost. That night My companion and I chose to watch “Forever a Missionary” by Elder Holland. It was meaningful and focused on how we have apostolic power, but with a lowercase a because we are not ordained with literal power. It was neat and moving and amazing, just as Elder Hollands talks always are!
     So many presents. I felt really blessed to receive so much. Thank you to everyone! Oh, AND Tyler sent me an UBER cute build-a-bear. his name is Tyney. Just thought you should all know!!! I’ll send pictures!
     Christmas Eve Devotional was about letters and emails. It was a great pre talk for our emails on Christmas Day. So I really knew what I wanted to say. We were taught about the importance of bearing your testimony. I enjoy bearing my testimony in Korean so much! Also Sister Collyer and I recorded us teaching the Restoration in Korean and bearing our testimonies in Korean for her family. It was great. The Christmas Day Devotional was Elder Bednar!! He is amazing. he didn’t prepare much. the topic was Inspired Questions. He said that usually our inspired questions are things to which we do not know we are wondering about until they are answered. OR that was can come to a spiritual event, like this devotional, and our question will be answered by what the speaker speaks about. SO…. he handed out 200 cellphones!!! WAAAAAA CELPHONES! Crazy right? I’m super awkward with phones and boys now. I don’t know what I would do if I was allowed to hug a boy! ANYWAY… any missionary who had a question could text the question to Elder Bednar and he would answer it. I had a question. It was; if I receive personal revelation, and later question it, how do I find out if it is from God? I immediately knew the answer to me own question though. I can find out through prayer. Thank you inspired question ^-^ 
     Alot of things happened on Christmas. It was like this: Email- breakfast- Christmas talent show- lunch- General authority- dinner- Christmas performance by Ray Smith- district time- Mo-tab christmas thingy- THEN BED!!! AT 8:20!!! WAHHTTTTTTTT CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! We were all very thankful for the extra time that had us convinced we were going to sleep at 9:30… I got into bed at 10:32… 😦 Fail oh well, it was a fun time to take weird pictures and do things on the wallthat make youlook like you’re floating…
     I have two more P-days left here in the MTC. I am ready to leave. I know Korean… well enough for now… 😀 Next P-day we get to clean the temple!!!! Our natives come next Tuesday(Dec 31st)!  The P-day after that is my last and I will be PACKING!! WOOT Life is great. Oh one last thing. Our newest challenge is… STREET CONTACTING!! We have to talk to 3 people a day and tell them about something IN KOREAN. our companion will translate. YAY I’m so excited.
Well life is good. I love the Lord. I know the church is true. I love my family. I cant wait to speak Korean 24/7 all that jazz.. GOOD BYE!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Happy Christmas!

Sorry that I could not call home, but here is my Christmas email!! 
YAY! Im alive! Today is going to be a super special day. Cant wait for an apostle to speak to us tonight, cant wait to open all those presents, all that fun stuff. Thank you to those who have sent me things! Thank you for the food. Side note: I DONT need anymore food. There’s a saying that you gain tons of weight at the MTC… well its a lie. Its the food that the missionaries get from friends and family that makes them fat. I feel obligated to eat it… so no more food. That would be appreciated 😛
Today is going to be a fun day full of joy, so I hope your day will be also. Remember to think of Christ on this lovely morning and remember the things he’s done for us. Last night we were able to watch McKruger’s Christmas. I have seen it before and it’s a sweet show, but the part that touched me most was when he prayed to baby Jesus while He was in the manger. It was a special moment and I felt I should do the same. I have learned a lot about myself in the month and a week I have been here. I have a lot to learn and work on, but I am glad I have a testimony of prayer and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to bear my testimony to you this morning. I don’t want today to be about presents either. Don’t worry, I wont testify in Korean!
I know my family loves me. They sent me on a mission because they trusted me and trusted in my to do the Lord’s work. I know families are eternal. I love my grandpa who is dead and I know he watches me often because I often am reminded of him while I have been out here. I know the gospel is true. Learning the Gospel in a different language and STILL feeling the Holy Ghost has brought me to this knowledge. If the Gospel in another language that is not mine can touch me, then it must be true. I can understand the word which they and I speak and I know it is true. I Love the gospel with all my heart and I cannot wait to share it with others in the field. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing and simple. Have faith. repentant or your sins. Be baptized. Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And Endure to the end. Follow Christ’s example and do these things and you will live a happy life here and in the eternities. I know this is the true church and I will forever be a missionary.
I know my family is having a small Christmas with all the girls gone this holiday; Mom and Grig, I hope you’re doing well, and that you know I love you. To all my sisters, build each other up. I only have an inkling of what each other you are going through this holiday, but can I ask you to bear your testimonies to one another? Help each other more fully understand the gospel and grow in Faith. To the Young family; thank you for being such an impact in my life! I will pray for you to be strong while Ty is gone! To my friends. I miss you all. It’s hard to be around people who I’m not used to and whom I sometimes cant get along with. But I am grateful for your letters and stories and the way we got along. I’m so grateful for the examples you have been to me. To my grandparents on both sides, wow you mean a lot to me. Thank you Colby for the Cookies! And Thank you Cara for the sweet letter and chocolate. Thank you for supporting me. I hope to be much much closer to you all when I get back. I know Dylan and I will be 🙂 Thank you to everyone else who has been there for me. My YW leaders and my YW girls!!! I miss you all and you are all so cute! 
HAve a Happy Christmas and think about Jesus a lot today!!!!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Week 5

     This week has passed by the fastest. Our oldest group left, and now my group is the oldest. I cant believe it! We had new group come in on the 18th. Only one girl. 6 elders. 3 of those elsers go to Daejeon. One elder and one sister to Busan. One elder to New Jersey. One Elder to California. SO SMALL! The next group that comes in will be here to replace me 😦 but I’ll be gone already so… The NAtives that go to Korea with my group come in 11 days!!!! That means i have 11 days +  1 week and a half!  WHAT!!!!!! Its crazy! 
     I have received two Christmas packages! Thank you to those who sent me one! I appreciate them so much. I even have 12 days of Christmas to open!! (Thank you Michelle!) ITs wonderful. Everyone is jealous of me 😛 but I share what I can 🙂 I also got a watch 😉 
     This week Brother Rasband spoke to us. He is such a great speaker and loves to incorporate activity-like things. His topic was spiritual blessings. I am thankful for my family and for everyone who has shared their blessings with me. Most importantly, the blessing of an eternal family. 저는 제가족이 영원하다는 것을 알고있습니다. After the devotional, we talk about it with our district. It was a really spiritual meeting and I enjoyed sharing my blessings as well as pointing out others’. I re-read my patriarchal blessing and It says I have the gift of understanding and discernment. I am very thankful for these gifts, and I think this is why I want to be a teacher. Several others in my district pointed out that I have the gift of tongues. 방안의은사. I see who much some missionaries struggle with Korean, and I am grateful for my obsession and my ability to learn and retain knowledge. 
My companion, Sister Collyer, has the gift of patience. We told each other we are going to try and rub off on each other. She wants the gift of discernment and I need patience. We’re working! There are many gifts all around our district, but the gift I shared was more personal. I told Elder Ross that he has an amazing ability to teach. The few times we have practice taught each other, he has brought in the spirit. I let him know that and told him to be confident with his Korean and when he is confident, he will be able to teach MANY Koreans. He really does have quite the testimony and I’ve learned a lot about them that I didn’t know before.

     I hope each of you will seek out your spiritual gifts, develop them, and find others to share your gifts with. Everyone can grow and learn. If there is a gift you need help with and/or seek to learn, pray and God will help you. Gifts are to be shared and to be developed. I know you all have many!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Week 4


     I don’t know what happened this week. I learned new Korean grammar and I learned new teaching skills… Its all a blur. The days feel like weeks and the week feels like a day. There’s now way I’ve been here a month and 3 days. But the calendar says I have… so it must be right. 

     On Sunday we watched the Christmas devotional. It was pretty and I loved all the singing. Each Sunday the sisters get to watch the Spoken word right before Relief Society. There were some beautiful male singers that sang. I love music! The other Sister Jensen in my district and I are tying to get some times to get music so we can sing and tryout for things. I REALLY want to sing at something soon. But I have to get music first. But I cant wait if I get to ^-^ Quinton L Cook came and spoke to us on Tuesday. I was being weird and I listened to the whole talk in Korean using the headphone thingies they give to natives. It was weird yet I liked it. I decided it was okay then because we have a review after it. So I still got what it was about. He talked about the process of choosing a mission for someone. It was really neat and we, as a district, told reasons why were think we were called to Korea. Many of us still don’t know why. Elder Ross began and when he finished his thought he said “But I know Sister Jenson knows why she got called here.” it was basically like handing the mic to me. But I shared my thoughts. It was really good to voice them out loud. I said something like “I think God put Korean in my life at 16 because he knew I would be called here. If I had gone anywhere else, yes I would love it, yes I would learn the language, but not with NEARLY the same amount of eagerness and love as I have for Korea. God knew I would put my whole soul and effort into teaching and converting the people of Korea quicker than I would if I went to Russia or Canada (Like I thought I might). I also think God had Dylan (Elder Ross) and I in the same mission to bring me and my future family closer toward my step family. I appreciate them so much in their support and wish I had been closer while growing up. If anyone from the Clawson family is reading this, I love you all! And Dylan talks about his wonderful family a lot. I’ve seen the packages he receives 😛
     With this week being mush in my brain, the only other thing I think of to share is about TRC. It was fabulous and memorable. It was a lesson without planning and ALL in Korean. Sister Collyer and I did pretty well I think and we had the spirit there with us. We were able to say things that we wanted without too much trouble. I thank God daily for the gift of tongues that I have and for the amazing language program of the MTC.
THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! I love you and don’t have much time. So bye bye for now! Thanks for the letters. LOVE!
-Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Week 3


     This week has been so full. In a letter to Brooke I explained how transfers work with each Korean group. In a normal season, Korean speaking missionaries arrive every three weeks. The Monday before that new group arrives, the older group flies to Korea. Last Monday we had a dongi leave. Last wednesday we had 33 newbies come in. only 7 sisters. Three are in the room right by mine, so I talk to them all the time. The other four are at the opposite end of the hall. They are all super sweet. 

     Also, two weeks before a dongi leaves, natives going to the same missions come. They stay for two weeks and then leave Back to Korea with our oldest dongi. every other group is Seoul/Seoul south missions or Pusan/Taejon mission. So my dongi was just Taejon or Pusan. The newbies are Seoul and Seoul south. ANYWAYS, the oldest dongi leaves on the 16th (They came a week earlier because MTC didn’t want to send them out around Christmas. THEREFORE the natives arrived Tuesday! There are 4 sisters and 1 elder. Gil, Choi, Kim, and jeon chamaenim’s. They are super cute!!!! I showed them my Korean dances and the freaked out soooo much! And we talk about K-pop together and they cant believe I know so much. and about dramas. Its so fun. Any time I have a break I go talk to them and I talk to them before bed also. and to the newbies also! I’ve learned some words from them.
     I “hosted” on Wednesday also. Its where I pick someone up from the curb side and take them to get their things and to their bedroom and to get books and then drop them off at their class. Its really fun. and extra fun in the snow. I use my leather gloves SO much already and Im not even outside. THANK YOU MOM! SARANGHAMNIDA!!!!! I LOVE YOU. What else… I don’t know. That’s all that happened this week. I taught another lesson to one of my three investigators. It was really good I thought. He said he might get baptized but to ask him next time! WOOT! 
     Well that’s all. I love the letters everyone!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

2nd Week

     This week has been full of changes. First, Sister Patton, who was part of our Trio, left to be in a different branch and class room. She doesn’t like the change, but we all know there will be a time when we will experience a change that we do not really like, it might be a companion change or an area change that we didn’t expect and don’t like so much.
     On Saturday we taught Kim Kyeong Won, and it went really well. His question was: “How is our church different?”  We answered his question and more, we asked him to pray to know if what we said was true. We were about to ask him to be baptized, but thought we should save it until next time.  NOPE!!! That will not happen, because that was our last lesson with him!!!! BAH! of course… how did I not know this….  he became our teacher.  He is really a great teacher.  That was the the second change.
     Another change is that our previous District Leader, Elder Peterson, is now a Zone Leader and Elder Ross is our new District Leader. He’s really great and has a strong testimony, he doubts his Korean skills, but I will try to help him, and everyone, with the Korean language.  I am doing pretty good for a newbie.
Random things I did this week: I made three signs for our classroom. 1- “District of God” in Korean. Reference D&C 109:8.  We replaced house with district, it was inspired!  2- A companion advice sign with five AMAZING key things we learned in a devotional on Tuesday.  FABULOUS! I gave the list to Tyler… Sorry, he can use them the best 🙂 I don’t remember them and I cant go get my notes in another building so… The 3rd sign was a quote by Sister Jensen. It said “You can live a good life by trying to be understood. But you can live a GREAT life by trying to understand.” I think we can all use this in our lives.
     THANKSGIVING!!! What did you all do!? I want to hear the great stories and memories.  Here at the MTC, breakfast was continental.  It was served from 7 to 8:30… What that means is… I slept in until 7AM! YEAH! I showered, and got really pretty.  Sister Jensen curled Sister Collyer’s hair.  Then we ate breakfast. I let myself have a doughnut. Russell M Nelson spoke to us in our devotional about being the best missionaries we can.  It was beautiful.  At lunch, we had a Thanksgiving dinner, it was really good for cafeteria food 😛   We put together sack dinners, then we had some free time.  We went to the classroom and wrote some letters and just talked and such.  We listened to music in the classroom.  Later we met in a big devotional room and listened to a “Go Service” encouragement speech.  The we did service in the lunch room.  After that we went back to class, and ate our dinners. Oh YUMMY!  Then we had our Thanksgiving talent show thingy of sorts.  We stayed in those seats and waited for the other half of the MTC to join us, then we watched the movie “Ephraims Rescue”.  How come I’ve never seen this? I love it!  It had some of the same people as were in 17 miracles.  Though tons of people said I would cry, I didn’t. I very much enjoyed it. Then we went home and I fell asleep in seconds, it was 10:07PM.  I got a TON of sleep! plus an hour nap today.  OH!!!! We also made super cute cards for the elders in our district and our three teachers. I sent pictures…
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매님  (jen-seun ja-mae-nim)