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Top Member Lesson^^

Top Member Lesson^^
So today was a bit of a whirlwind… I went to the Bath house for the LAST TIME on my mission!!! (I’ll come back later, of course) and while there I got a head ache and a stomach ache and so we went home early. Then I felt GREAT! so we left to email and not I feel sick again. But its fine because what really matters is the spiritual energy that we have! So this week was pretty good^^

This week we met with Sreymom alone. So no Cambodian translation… but it was great! We talked about what she remembered from the restoration lesson and we asked her to re-build the cups (there is a cup parable or visual) and she ended up teaching us the WHOLE LESSON. Very cutely with her broken English I might add….  She wants to know everything!

We planned to meet again on Saturday, but plans fell through. We talked again at church on Sunday. There was another baptism this week! Brother Lee. So before that started, I talked with Sreymom and we talked about baptism and about a date. She asked me “Do you think I can” and I told her “you have a good heart. You know God, and you have desire, you want to” and she literally shouted for joy and hugged me and kissed my cheek and was SOOO happy!!

We met again that night and started the Plan of Salvation. Near the end, she bore her testimony about how she is like Joseph Smith, searching for the true church and show she knows that she has found it and wants to join. We set the baptismal date for the 31st. Pray for us to be able to teach her all that she needs and to help her feel confident in this decision. Her husband Patro will baptize her and give her the holy ghost in Cambodian!!

As for Sister Hwang, we taught her on Wednesday with a member and it was really great. We talked about feeling the Holy Ghost. Then again on Saturday with Sister Bringhurst.

– Can I just comment that she is one of the TOP members that I would pick to do a member lesson with. She listens well, even though it’s not her language. She follows. She wants to know everything they say and everything we say. She shares her part when needed and everything she testifies of is by the spirit. –

When Sister Bringhurst bore her testimony of this Church and the Book of Mormon and how Sister Hwang has been God’s daughter from the beginning, it was the most beautiful thing ever. And we took that chance to tell Sister Hwang that this feeling, this warmth, was the Holy Ghost and we invited her to remember this and pray for the ability to feel it more. When Sister Hwang prayed to close that lesson, she prayed for that feeling she *felt that day.

She is just progressing so well and though she doesn’t know for SURE if she can become a member well, I know. She is gaining new knowledge and she accepts it easily. All she needs now is the confidence to believe that she can and turn that belief into a knowledge. I love her! and all the women and members and missionaries in my life.

I had a good day and I hope you did too! Be safe! And have the confidence to ask God for help. He is waiting for you to ask. He is waiting to help you

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)


Baptisms Up the Wall


IMG_0626I skyped with my family just 5 hours ago, for the record. So this is just an update for those of you who I didn’t skype 😛

Our investigators are doing great! Sister Hwang came to church yesterday! We have an appointment on Wednesday. We will talk about baptism and just recheck with her about that and how she feels about it. She was able to see Sister Song’s baptism on Sunday! So I hope that made some sort of impression on her. It was a very spiritual baptism ^^

As for Sister Sreymom, she is just as cute as ever. We taught the Restoration lesson and she completely accepted EVERYTHING. She is truely open to everything.She believes that God has only one true church on this earth. She hasn’t joined any official chuch but she has prayed to God and to ansectors before. Next time we meet we are going to talk about her recieving baptism on the 31 of May. That day another 8 year old american girl, Suzy, will be baptised also, so it is a great day to have Sreymom’s baptism and it can be an all English service. It will be great for the English Branch members.

No too much else this week. It was pretty slow. I got a sunburn! That turned into a tan… all the Koreans told me to put on my sunscreen… But I want to tan…. 😦

All of you have a good week. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good tired. Stay healthy and dont forget to talk to God about your troubles. He loves you. He will help you. I love you!

4/4 was Brother Hwang’s baptism
4/26 was Sister Jo’s baptism
5/10 was Sister Song’s baptism
5/17 will be Brother Lee’s baptism (Elder’s investigator)
5/24 (52%) will be Brother Lee Saint (his name in korean means Saint haha) (other Elder’s investigator) AND Sister Hwang! (68%)
5/31 Suzie (member’s daughter) and Sreymom
6/7 is fast sunday… maybe there will be a baptism haha See you then!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

I’m Learning Cambodian

I’m Learning Cambodian
Hello Everyone!!! Well its the 2nd P-day of the transfer and I’m sitting in a PC Room with loud games sounding all around me and the floor above us doing construction… sounds fun right? haha but its worth it because this PC room is only 60 cents per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Monday Sister Park an I went shopping in the Eun-Haeng Underground Mall… I think it’s become a tradition~ It’s great though because Sister Park and I share ALL of our clothes! So her new clothes are mine, and because I’m going home soon I try not to buy… but all of my clothes will be hers. She’s happy 😛

Do any of you remember Sister YuMi Lee?? We visited her again this week. When I was with Sister Oh last transfer she said that she can maybe meet in April… but not April is ending and she is still busy… ㅠㅠ She now said she can meet in June… I told her I will be gone then! So we are having a big dinner with her whole family next next week! Pray for her to be able to meet the missionaries later! I love her and she is so accepting that I KNOW she would LOVE the gospel in her life! ❤

This week started out a bit slow. We weren’t able to meet with Sister Hwang or Brother Hwang this week (siblings) So that was sad. This week was also Zone Conference… my last… I have soo much consecration to work on in 4 weeks! I cant handle it! But It is VERY nice and rewarding to look back and see the changes I have made in my personality and behaviour ^^ President Shin told me a transfer ago that I have really matured a lot and become one of the most valuable missionaries as of recently. It made me so happy. I fell like this mission was MADE for me!!! But just a minute… we’ll save that for the last email ㅎㅎ

At Zone conference we talked an amazing amount about consecration. I feel the urgency more that ever before. How consecrated can I become in the next four weeks? Also, how well can I prepare my little greenie companion so that she can take over the area and our investigators? My biggest consecration that I need in proselyting. Open my mouth so much that I can say “I worked my butt off my last transfer” I want to say that^^  I’ll share with you just EXACTLY what consecration is in a month ^^ It will change your world.

Sister Jo Young-Ju is keeping the commandments really well!! She works long hours at a waffle cafe now, but she is keeping away from coffee and alcohol very well despite being the one serving it to customers each day^^

I bet you’re quite confused about my title… In our ward is a Mexican man named Patro. He can speak about 30 languages just for the record… He lived in Cambodia recently. He fell in love with a Cambodian woman named Sreymom. He later came to Korea, I don’t know why, but got a place to stay and got a job and worked for a while. He went back to Cambodia at the beginning of April. On the 6th (yes planned) they were married in Cambodia! She is 25, Patro is 26 and she cannot speak Korean and she can only speak a little of English. She is outgoing and BEAUTIFUL and we started meeting her this week! With Patro’s help we are going to baptise her!!!! She is teaching my Cambodian…. It looks like a picture!^^ (see attachment) that’s the alphabet… I’m learning to read it!!! It’s so exciting!! That makes Russian, Chinese, and Cambodian that I learned how to read on my mission…

Well that’s me week!! I hope you all have a great one too! LOVE YOU!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Feeling The Spirit Stronger

Feeling The Spirit Stronger

So here is my week!

Monday Sister Oh and I said our goodbyes to Sister Jensen and Sister Collyer. My MTC sisters are leaving!! It’s weird and interesting.
Tuesday we had two meals with members. Sister Oh just loves the Daejeon people! She goes back and forth between loving them so much that she doesn’t want to go, to being so curious about transferring.
Wednesday we had the opportunity to take the new greenies street proselyting. Three new Sisters came. They are soo cute! AND all have such strong desire. I’ll say it was contagious.
Later that same day we met with Sister Hwang, Brother Hwang’s sister. We taught about Christ’s Gospel. She explained that right now she only remembers to pray once a week. Her mind understands that she needs this gospel but her heart hasn’t felt it yet. She has said a couple times that her heart isn’t opened yet. So we asked her “have you talked about this with God yet? have you told him your worries?” So we committed her to pray to god about it.
Next when we talked about baptism we explained that we make covenants with God. It’s a two way promise. When we follow God’s commandments he promises to give us His spirit. The Holy Ghost. Just like that, we can make a goal with God, and promise to do everything in our power to work for that goal and God promises to help us in the ways that we need.
So with that, we tried to set a day for baptism. May 17th is her goal. Its not 100%, but its good to have a goal and really work for it. We invited her to pray about that day and if that is what God wants. She’s doing great but she needs to pray more to invite the spirit into her life.
Please pray for her faith to increase and for the spirit to grow in her life.
Wednesday night, we had FHE with Brother Hwang’s family. We talked about temples. His wife, EunSuk has a lot of interest in visiting the temple. As we talked more, this realization came out. Because his mom gave him permission to attend church, she wants to study our church and Catholicism. It will be good. She will see the difference because our church has ALL the truth, and she is interested in reading the Book of Mormon lately. They also promised to have couple prayer three times a week, which is a big step for her because she things prayer is awkward. YAY She is progressing well!
Thursday was transfer meeting! My new companion is Sister Park Ji-in, from Busan. She is 20 and quiet but fun. She likes music and loves to laugh. and is great at listening and following. Pray for her to learn this area fast!
This week was stake conference as well. So many people came so it was hard to teach Sister Park which members were ours or not.
Sister Jo!!!!!!! Of course her baptism was a success! She is great and brought her friend as well! (YuSeong Sisters will meet her) She will receive the Holy Ghost next week. Pray for her to be safe and spiritually uplifted!
Lastly, I want to share part of Stake Conference. Elder Whiting of the Seventy came and gave a talk. He asked the question “Before you die, what is the one thing you want to give your children?” Some of us might answer ‘A good future’ ‘A good education’. Some of us more deep rooted in the Gospel of Christ might answer ‘A strong testimony’ As I did at first.
He then shared 3rd Nephi 19:9 which states that the people all prayed for their biggest desire, and that it was to have the Holy Ghost.
We as members must HAVE the Holy Ghost. We don’t just RECEIVE the Holy Ghost. Just as you RECIEVE a gift = end. done. no more work. But the Holy Ghost is an ongoing process. We must qualify for the Spirit of God Every. Single. Day. Of. Our. Lives. It is something that we must receive AGAIN and AGAIN each day!
So now ask yourself, are you receiving it everyday? I read the scriptures in the morning and pray to God EVERY morning in order to receive the Holy Ghost for Every. Single. Day. It’s an eternal process. And without it, your are denying God’s power in your everyday life.
So ask yourself again. “Before you die, what is the one thing you want to give your children?”
The Holy Ghost
Thats all I have this week! Goodbye and I love you all! ❤ ❤

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

I Made Crepes!!^^

First a few fun stories…
We lost our phone this week!!~ it started on Friday the 10th… many of the missionaries phones were broken. So it was EXTREMELY hard to tell and invite people to Conference! Saturday, Sunday, Monday… BROKEN! We could receive texts and calls but NOT SEND anything… absolute torture 😛 On top of that, we lost our phone on a bus. I have never prayed that many times is one night! We walked (Literally no money) to the end of one bus route, talked to three bus drivers trying to figure out where our phone might be or go if it was found. We waited for the third bus and he was smart and kind enough to CALL our phone.
We were right, it was at the end of the bus route… just not THIS bus’s route… so having no money, we went home and slept a night without a phone!!!! haha next morning after studies we received help from a member and borrowed bus money and rode the bus (A LONG FAR AWAY BUS) to the end and got our phone safely only to find it with a nearly dead battery… END!
Another story… I got to play a flute this week!!!! IT FELT SOO GOOD! Beware mom and dad, I will be playing my flute AND PICCOLO for at least a week straight… ^^
Last story, I MADE CREPES!!! So delicious!!!
Just a quick update of our investigators for today~
Sister Jo had her baptismal interview and she is going to be baptized in a week on Sunday! It will be great! And I’m in the process of borrowing a flute to play for her since she loves music very much ^^
Brother Hwang is still active and reading each day. He is happy and glowing when we meet him. His wife didn’t come to church this week, but we hop and pray for that not to become a normal.  This week we briefly met Brother Hwang’s mother. She was pleasant and nice, but didn’t join in on the Family Home Evening we had. But she did invite us to come for dinner next week! So it will be a great day on Wednesday!!
As for his wife, Sister Kim, she is attending another church right now in order to get their daughter accepted into a specific school. She has to become closer with the preacher there… but she said once HaYeon is accepted she wants unity in her family and will come to church all together as a family each week. She doesn’t enjoy attending two churches. So there is hope for that ^^ This week we taught about Eternal families and I think it was really good for her to hear those things.
Brother Hwang’s sister is getting more and more in tune with the spirit I think. She is quite busy, but she knows that baptism is her goal and that is why we are meeting. Once she gets that first confirmation of the spirit I think they rest will be a smooth road.
Other news this week, Sister Oh is getting transferred down south and I am getting another Korean companion who is fairly new to the missionary life. Her name is Sister Park Ji-In. My job is to teach her this area well and pass it off to her in one transfer, which is a feat, but you know, with the right attitude, anything can be done! So wish us luck! I will send pictures soon also! Check my blog, I plan on putting A LOT up today ^^
Love you all! Have a great week! Pray for me and my last 6 weeks! ❤ ❤ ❤
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Permission and Progress <(^.^<)

Well I will begin with last week, we went to Gong-Ju to see the cherry blossoms! YAY! I’m not really a sight-seeing person so it was just good. Didn’t bring my camera with me so no pictures sorry! As for today, we and 4 other Sisters went to the oh-so-famous- YuSeong Spa… a bathhouse. It was magical, as always. I only have 7 more weeks to go!!! I wish i could go EVERY week! But we’ll see if my new companion next transfer is willing… or will we have to force her?? ^^

This week we met with Sister Jo Young-Ju. I mentioned her in past emails. but here is a great update for you all… She will receive baptism on the 26th of April! WOO! She is already changing! Just little differences in her personality. I cant wait to see her come out of the water, new and glowing. She seems to be working real hard for this. She sees the importance of it! And she gave up things in the Word of Wisdom just because it is God’s commandment. No questions asked, just like we all ought to do ^^ Meeting with her two times a week has been a privilege and a great learning experience.

We also met with Brother Hwang’s Sister, Hwang AeJa. We taught her the Restoration. When we brought up prayer she had a real light in her eyes and I feel as though she is currently finding out thta God is her loving Father in heaven.

The other big news is that we watched General Conference this week! Sister Hwang came to a session. Sister Jo came to a session (she had a test to prepare for and take on Sunday, otherwise she would have come to all sessions) And Brother Hwang came to ALL of them! He’s so great!

Better yet, the final scoop of this week… we have been set loose of Brother Hwang’s mother… She told him to learn and study. So basically permission to do what he desires!!! A HUGE BLESSING!! So we are going to do FHE on Wednesday and finally meet the mother! And we will be able to really teach Brother Hwang’s wife! I’m so excited and so happy for them!!!!

Everyone keep up the praying and scripture reading! Don’t go a day without reading!!! It’s key to your spirituality! I heard a quote once that sounds similar to a scripture in the Book of Mormon…

Alma 41:10~ We all know it… “Wickedness never was happiness” But the quote goes like this… “Laziness in spiritual matters never was happiness” So fix your lazy habits and BE BETTER! And Listen to conference again because YOU HAVE THE INTERNET!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

People Are Chasing Us…

People Are Chasing Us…
Why that sort of title you may wonder? Well, recently our someone told us “Investigators are chasing you!” I will get to the why in just a minute.

This week was quite busy. No time for a break, no food in our fridge almost all week (don’t worry I was fed), and a lot of POTENTIAL! My favourite kind of busy ^^ On Monday we met a Less Active Member who is very fun to talk to. On Tuesday we met with two investigators. One is a grandma and one is a 10 year old little girl. Both are very lovely and easy to teach. We teach the little girl (JinYul) English and we made a ‘candyland’ type game of Plan of Salvation. She remembers things so well!

On Thursday we met Sister Hwang! Brother Hwang’s sister…. obviously. She is so beautiful and so smart. She doesn’t yet believe in God, but she is willing to try to gain a testimony and learn from us. An Elder in the area made a set of 22 questions that could help a basic testimony grow and marked up all the answers in a Book of Mormon that we gave to Sister Hwang. We think it will really help her. We just talked about God and mentioned baptism ~ we gave a soft baptismal date and she said that when she knows this gospel is true she will get baptized!! YAY!

After that lesson, we met Sister Jo YoungJu. Remember her from last week’s email! Well she knows so much and we met her oldest daughter SuMin and they both have such great interest! So pray for that to increase ^^ We also were able to extend a baptismal date to her. She kind of slid is off but we had a miracle on the weekend. Sister Shin connected with Sister Jo YoungJu so well! And they talked about a baptismal date together a little bit. So I’m pretty sure we’re going to finalize that this next week, so if you can pray for us, thank you!

And as for Brother Hwang, we had our last lesson with him this week. It was beautiful and long and so helpful. Right now a big worry for him or for us, is that he is really spiritual and his wife doesn’t really want a religious husband. But seeing he come to church and seeing how comfortable she is makes me hopeful. She touched my hair the other day like a friend/mom type of figure. I’m really really glad she is comfortable with me like that.

So His baptismal service was nice. Lots of investigators came and a nice amount of members came. It was nice. But what was better was when he received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He really looked like a new light was about him. And right after church, we witnessed him receiving the Aronic Priesthood! Woot he is progressing ^^

That was my week! Keep being strong and happy! I love you! Have a great week~

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)