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Special Lessons


Hello everyone! This week might be short again, but I hope you enjoy!

This weeks highlight was definitely Tuesday. It started with a great District meeting. Then we met with Sally! and a student who wants to learn English and in the evening we met Valerie. Have I told you about Valerie? Well first things first…

Sally learned the rest of the Plan of Salvation. She REALLY loves it and listened really well. What was quite unique is that we brought up the Word of Wisdom in the English portion of teaching! Right? So we talked about that and chastity. It went well ^^ Then we started our lesson about the plan of salvation and we went all the way into temples and eternal families. Sally wants an eternal family! ❤

We had planned to teach Valerie about temples and eternal families so we had the things necessary to teach. We showed Sally pictures of temples and even the insides. She loved it. Through the plan of salvation we were able to EASILY teach about what we DO in the temple. It was great and Sally already wants to go there. We wish the Seoul Temple was in our mission boundaries so we could go with her!! But a member is taking her there next week!

As for Valerie… Valerie was an investigator in Sang-Dang before we combined, so I'm not sure how they met her. But she is 46 and FUN and loving and the BEST COOK IN THE WORLD! She feeds us a lot. She owns a restaurant. Valerie has a daughter named Nora (These names were given to them by Sister Collyer and Pappa. Nora took to her name SO FAST that her friends call her Nora now) Nora is 18, she just finished high school. We teach them together sometimes and sometimes just Valerie.

So we had prepared the temples lesson, but because Nora was there, we taught her the Plan of salvation with Valerie's help. It went really well!

What was SO AMAZING about this day was that each of our investigators basically taught themselves. When we said something, they clarified in more easy-to-understand Korean. It was the SPIRIT! They each understood SO well and I was so happy that day. ^^

Last few things that were notable this week… on Thursday we ate dinner with Lisa at a SUPER expensive western food Diner. It was a great day!

And a great week! I love you all! Stay healthy!

Oh and BY THE WAY I'm moving to Deajeon Zone! The area is called Dun-san! But I will cover two wards again… agh Wish me luck!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


A Little Disappointed? Maybe…

A Little Disappointed? Maybe…

Hello everyone! How was your week? This week I went to a bathhouse with an investigator. woo! that was fun! I tried a new food this week… DELICIOUS! cant really explain it sorry!

Since I don’t have too much time, it will be short this week^^

Lisa came to church! So everything crazy that we thought happened was a misunderstanding. She and her boyfriend broke up and she seems a bit happier. She wants to meet like all the time now and she HAS time! So it’s great. She kept asking other members if they come each week. And she would tell them “I think I’ll come each week too” and she seems really willing to try. Her mom and dad think this Church is great and Lisa wants to bring her mom to church! Yay! So pray for her to have even MORE desire!

As for Sister Yu DaSol, we talked to her on the phone. She is engaged and she absolutely LOVED Utah, so thank you for being hospitable friends! She doesn’t have a house in cheong-ju currently, so she lives SUPER far and it’s hard to meet. So we call every other day or so. In February she will move to CheongJu and then we can meet regularly and get a baptismal date scheduled! Pray for her to have an increased desire. She wants to but she needs to ACT more.

Well, its a busy day! We went to the downtown shopping center with our foreign member this morning! So that was fun! Didn’t get to email until 2! So I’m sorry I missed anyone! I love you all!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

Stay Faithful


Nothing special this week. We met with a few new investigators. Nothing crazy happened with them~

I texted Lisa this week though. I wanted to remind her of God’s love for her and that we still pray for her. She surprised us by texting back that she hasnt quit. I was under the impression she had when she said she cant continue our relationship… but either way, she wants to meet again! Good stuff can come from sad things!

Our other investigator Sally met a member. They are like best friends now ^^ SO CUTE we are trying to get her to come out to church soon!

Thats about it for me. But here is something I found this morning.

Alma 44:4 Now ye see that this is the true faith of God; yea, ye see that God will support, and keep, and preserve us, so long as we are faithful unto him, and unto our faith, and our religion; and never will the Lord suffer that we shall be destroyed except we should fall into transgression and deny our faith.

Always remember that during hard times, bad consequences don’t immediately follow bad choices, and full blessings don’t always come immediately after righteous choices. This life is a time to wait, to prepare, and to grow. You cant expect any short cuts. But you can expect blessings if you stay faithful and endure.

Have a great day family and friends! I Love you all! Stay warm! (or safe if you’re in a hot area)

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

새해복 많이 받으세요!!

새해복 많이 받으세요!!

Well this week has been great! So happy^^ If you ask me why, these are my thoughts. I haven’t been the MOST obedient to small rules. No good. But during weekly planning this week, in the first few minutes, I made a new effort or new mindset to be better. I felt better immediately- it was a miracle! So after a few days of distracting thoughts, and excuses, everything was finally better! So now on to my week^^

This week we did our Visa!! Visa’s can be 3 hours long and excruciatingly painful 😛 or take just 30 minutes… luckily our was only 1 hour, most of which was filling out papers and waiting… DONE!

ALSO,,, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our New Years Day was planned to have 4 appointments… 3 canceled. But the one we kept was with the Bishop and we ate dduk-guk! Which is ricecake broth…??? Tastes better than it sounds! It reminded me of my first months in Korea… I ate that all the time and grew to love it. It’s now one of my favourite foods!

We met Lisa on Monday. It was a great lesson about the first half of the Plan of Salvation. We taught her and she understood! She even opened up about her problems with family and her boyfriend. She asked “if I pray, will God help me over come it?” OF COURSE! We focused on the Atonement and how through Jesus we can overcome anything.

It was great! we discussed Baptism with her. Showed her the font and extended a baptismal date of January 31st. She said she wanted to pray and find out for herself if it was the right day.

2 days later she texted us to tell us that her boyfriend’s dad suddenly died and his mom suddenly got breast cancer… Now she says she cant believe that God would do that kind of thing to innocent people so she cant believe that God exists, and we cant continue our relationship.

God doesn’t give people problems to punish them. I believe that it is against God’s nature to give His children anything that would cause them misery. It is all how you receive it. If you view something negatively and blame God, of course you’re going to be miserable!!! But God gives us trials and painful things to that we can become stronger and smarter. He wants each of us to be happy. so why would he “punish” you? Death and pain are a part of being mortal. It is inevitable and only there to help us. Didn’t you just ask that if you pray can you overcome this hard thing??

This week in District meeting we focused on consecrated prayers ~ prayer with meaning and no repetition. In Enos, in the Book of Mormon, he prays for himself and repents and receives a full forgiveness. But then immediately focuses all his effort and mind on praying for the Nephites and then the Lamanites. In our world, Enos is us. Once we pray for ourselves, we must fully focus our efforts on the others. The Nephites are our fellow missionaries and members. Pray for those you work with. The Lamanites are our investigators. To you at home, that might be a friend or a coworker who doesn’t really know much about our gospel. Enos prayed with his whole heart for those people. Leaving nothing out. Enos had consecrated prayers

Last but not least… SATURDAY was so busy! We left home at 9am and didn’t return until 9:30pm… Usually with morning studies we don’t leave until 12 and we come home for dinner. But on Saturday we ate every single meal out! 3 investigator appointments. 1 member meal. 2 ward council meetings, and no time to go home at all! It was such a great day. It was as if all our canceled appointments we repaid on Saturday…

Basically, its been a great fabulous week full of realization, new goals, disappointment, overwhelming schedules, happiness, and blessings, SO MANY BLESSINGS!!

One last miracle. On Thursday we were texting an investigator. She is 15, her name is Dan-Bi. She couldn’t meet any day except Sunday. We asked her to come to church and we could teach her English after. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to want to come. But, with our new focus on prayer, I prayed simply that she would want to come to church. She replied “See you at 12” and she came to church! Simple. Prayer. Blessings.

I know that prayer works! If you haven’t tried, TRY! If you’re slacking.. HEY GOD WANTS TO TALK TO YOU and if you are, good job. DO better. I LOVE YOU ALL

PS: the title says Happy New Year in korean (sae-hae-bok man-i bad-eu-sae-yo)

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

Christmas Week – Still Sharing the Gospel


Hello Everyone! How was you week? Did you have a great Christmas? I did! Though it was NOT a white Christmas… I miss you Utah!

Here in Cheong-Ju we had a Christmas party in Heung-Dduk on the 24th and in Sang-Dang on Christmas day ~ Then we got to skype on the 26th! Yeah party!

For everyone wondering “what is Christmas like in Korea?” I will tell you. On Christmas Day we were visiting an investigator’s store in the downtown area. The roads and stores were SO PACKED! We could barely walk through.

In my mind it had the ‘week before Christmas’ feeling. Every single store was open and about half had a sale going on. And EVERY single person is with their ‘special someone’ So basically its a hyped up Valentines Day with Christmas music playing in the back ground.

Skyping was lovely. My companion also got a Free international calling number. BONUS!

My joyful moments of the week were few, but important ^^

I hope you all remember Lisa. We met with her and reviewed the Restoration lesson. She remembers so much and she prayed! We introduced the Plan of Salvation with the three questions ~ Where did we come from? What is our purpose on this earth? and Where do we go after this life? ~ She was very good at answering them.

At one point in the lesson, her friend called. She asked if she could answer it. In the call she told her friend to hurry over and come meet the “pretty foreigner missionaries” Her friend didn’t come, but Lisa was excited to share the things she’s learned, with her friend. She said “She doesn’t do religion well, but she WILL believe this!” putting her finger on the Restoration pamphlet ^^!!!!!!

Lisa has a testimony of Joseph Smith already! She believes his account and is jealous of his experience. She wants something like it. Please pray for her to gain a confirmation of our church!

On the 24th during a missionary meeting a woman showed up. She had met the missionaries 3 years ago or so. She’d been to church once. She really enjoyed it all and has heard every lesson.

She came and said she wants to learn again. So we were able to do a lesson with our mission presidents wife. The woman’s name is Sister Lee A-Reum. She is one of the most receptive people I have meet. Each time we read a scripture passage, she would retell it in her own words. It was amazing

In my mind I was thinking how do I involve a baptismal date? But thankfully Sister Shin was on top of it. Sister Lee accepted our soft baptismal date if she finds out this church is true . Pray for her to have time to meet us and that she will want to come out to church.

That is the end of my week. it’s been a wonderful time! I hope you are all doing great!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

Everything is new!

Everything is new!

Hello family and friends!! What a beautiful snowy day it is!!! Or not snowy in your case… quick update~ Sister Kinikini and Pappa left well on Monday and we assume they had a safe fly home. After they left we proceeded STRAIGHT home to Re-do the WHOLE entire house. Our home is not cleanly fit for two people with an array of delicious foods from Homeplus! And yummy snacks sent from home! (Thank you mothers)

Our schedule has been busy busy busy. Leaving no time for member visits or less active visits, or even our language study time! THIS IS CRAZY! #ineedmy언어… We also spend extreme amounts of money on the bus, going to and from our area each day… Sang-dang is SOO far away. And majority of our investigators are there.

Speaking of investigators, two investigators gave us fried spaghetti… it tastes like pretzels…

Sister Lim SuOn suddenly told us that she really cherishes our meetings and every time she feels good and wants to do things better with her life. That type of stuff is not usually what she says so it was precious. PLUS it was AFTER the lesson, as we were leaving! She’s great ^^

Sally is 23 year old girl who lived in Canada for some time. She met missionaries there but doesn’t remember more than the Book of Mormon Priesthood and Prophet. WHICH IS SHOCKING! Those are the hard ones to explain^^ But she was never invited to church and doesn’t remember Joseph smith… But we want to give her a baptismal date this week! So pray for that!

Sister Yu DaSol is still in Utah, so pray for her to be strengthened by this visit! That’s all the important stuff as far as investigators go. We have a total of 13 now and 11 have pretty decent gospel interest! YAY

As for the Christmas party… it was SO great to talk to everyone! We could talk or watch the movie (17 miracles) I just talked… you know me. but I wish I could’ve done both… we ate yummy food, saw some greenies, took a mission picture, and listened to a devotional complete with good and not so good musical numbers and a narration of Jesus’s story.

Its SOOO Great! It made me teary…

We also went to Costco in Deajeon… I BOUGHT OATMEAL!! AMERICAN OATMEAL

Okay everyone have a great week! Be happy for your own country’s food! I love you!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

No Longer a Heung-dduk Sister…


I bet THAT title surprised you!!! No I am not moving. I did get a new companion… sort of… but also an old companion. Sister Collyer is my companion AGAIN! yay! We weill be together for our one-year-in-korea mark! And therefore, our areas got combined! I am now officially a Cheong-Ju Sister. I will switch off which ward to attend and we have 21 investigators! YAY! Work of the LORD!

It’s been a busy week as Sister Pappa and Kinikini prepared for their departure. My companion didnt sleep last night because she neglected to pack until yesterday… Please pray for her. And after this, we will eat a cozy lunch at a cafe and see them off on a bus, then return home to reorganize and redecorate #soexcited

That was the essence of my week. Everything led up to the phone call from our Mission President last night. (There is a depleation in Sisters as 11 are going home on Wednesday) (Also there are only 6 sisters that have come to the misison after me… and now 4 more this wednesday… We’re going extinct!)

My spiritual thought is keep growing and keep pushing. Dont fall back into what is comfortable and not the BEST you can do. As my Seminary teacher always said Better Today Than Yesterday

Are you BTTY?

I love you all!! have a great day!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)