Dear Future Missionaries…


Dear future missionaries… This is my personal list (slightly leaning toward the Sisters, but you can edit) of what to bring on your mission. There was so much to think of in those months before leaving, but all those RM’s really helped. What I would suggest is watching or reading pages about how to pack for ____(your designated Service area) but then take a lot more from a RM’s point of view.

I went to Korea. Korea has similar weather to that of DC. A pretty solid four seasons with freezing winters and blazing summers. Adjust this list accordingly. Maybe you need a heavier wardrobe. Anyway, that stuff you already know. I will tell you now, of my packing mistakes.

# I begged my mom to buy me a $50 “missionary” bag from Deseret Book before I left. I used it for about two weeks in the field. It was larger and a bit heavier than I wanted. So I suggest bringing something you like for a week or two, and if money permits, buy what you need WHEN YOU’RE IN THE FIELD! Use what ever you want in the MTC, you don’t actually use your bag there because it’s all left in the classroom anyway, and they don’t allow you to bring your bag to devotionals. So your 2nd or 3rd week in the field, go and buy something that is perfect for what you need and want, because NOW YOU KNOW!

#2 Don’t buy something you wont use!!! I brought 3 pairs of dressy ‘walking’ flats. DUMB They weren’t my style, nor were they cheap. Yes they were comfortable and they fit well, but I just never wanted to wear them! I dreaded going outside with the grandma shoes, embarrassed. If you’re lucky, you can find cheap shoes out in your area that you will use, but chances are they wont last your whole mission like those grandma shoes. But in my opinion, I’d rather spend $60 or $80 on 3 or 4 pairs that I wore and loved than $50 to $60 on those grandma ones… its your call. The point is, STICK TO YOUR STYLE! Don’t give up your style for ‘comfortable-missionary’ style. You wont be happy or comfortable in what isn’t “Yours”


Bags and Suitcases

  • -Backpack/Shoulder bag ——**you will get a better feel for what you really want once you’re out there, so don’t spend too much.
  • -2 suitcases
  • -1 carry-on suitcase
  • -Camera case
  • -Toiletry bags
  • -Scripture case


  • -10 sets of garments ——**if you’re going to a hot/humid place, use drilux! NOT carinessa!!!
  • -2 running sports bras
  • -3 white/nude bras
  • -6 underwear (for TOM)


  • -4 comfortable ——**seriously get what you WILL wear. I picked shoes thet were not my style, ad hardly wore two pairs. Get two good black pair that IS your style and you will be grateful
  • -Winter boots
  • -Casual slip-ons for P-day
  • -Tennis shoes (Workout & Service)
  • -10 pairs of ped socks (6 nude/4 black)
  • -5 pairs of running socks

Workout Clothes

  • -3 short sleeved running shirts ——**just get stuff you’ll be fine sweating in
  • -Basketball shorts
  • -sweats

Service & Sleep time clothes

  • -PJ sweats are workout sweats
  • -2 PJ t-shirts
  • -Pair of jeans (Service & Pday) ——**pday shirts are/can be the same as your everyday shirts

Outer wear

  • -Hoodie ——** something warm/comfortable to wear arounf the house
  • -Red coat ——**if you’re going somewhere that rains a lot or get chilly in spring/fall, bring jackets to wear with your missionary attire. Say, 2 or 3 peacoats
  • -Down coat (shipped to you in time for winter)

Everyday Wash and Wear

  • -2 dresses
  • -7 skirts
  • -shirts
  • -Earrings, necklaces and a watch

Bathroom Supplies

  • -2  bath towels
  • -4 wash cloths
  • -Face wash
  • -Moisturizer
  • -Mascara
  • -Base and powder
  • -Makeup brush
  • -Eyebrow brush
  • -Eyeliner
  • -Chap sticks ——**Korean chapstick is EXPENSIVE
  • -Razor plus refills
  • -Tweazers
  • -Nail clippers
  • -2 deodorants
  • -Body lotion
  • -Toothbrush
  • -Toothpaste
  • -Mouthwash
  • -Floss
  • -Q-tips
  • -Shower comb
  • -Hair brush
  • -Hair ties
  • -Bobby pins
  • -Shampoo
  • -Conditioner
  • -Tampons & pad


  • -Twin sheets ——**depends on where you go. NOT IN MTC  not needed in korea
  • Your apartments should already have blankets and left over bedding from other missionaries and pillows. Maybe you buy a pillow. No big deal.

Other items

  • -Tide TO GO!!!!!!!! ——**So many times I wish I’d had it
  • -Small photo album
  • -Stamps ——**you can buy them there
  • -Envelopes
  • -iPod with CHURCH MUSIC
  • -iDoc
  • -Glasses (case and cloth to clean glasses)
  • -Contacts and solution
  • -Sewing Kit ——**you can buy in MTC or many houses have already
  • -Laundry Bag
  • -garment bag
  • -Scissors to cut hair
  • -Hair accessories

Church studying

  • -My Scriptures
  • -2 journals
  • -Notebook
  • -Pens, pencils, highlighters ——**you’ll buy SO MUCH of this crap in the MTC!!! EVERYthiNG IS AVAiLAbLE! Take into account how many weeks you are there
  • -Copy of Patriarchal Blessing
  • -Copy of call letter
  • -Missionary four book-set
  • MTC will give you PMG, Bible, BoM, and various grammar and vocabulary books in your language.

Medical Items

  • -Vitamin C ——**just makes you feel like you’re being healthier ^^
  • -Cold and Allergy medication
  • -Anti-diarrhea meds!!
  • -Tums
  • -Pain reliever (naproxen)

Items to not leave home without!

  • -Temple recommend
  • -ID
  • -Immunization Records
  • -Debit Card
  • -Give parents a copy of all cards/items taking in my wallet (front and back)
  • -$200 dollars for travelling expensive

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