Home At Last…


So yes the feeling is strange. I’m home now and life is different…  let me tell you a hit about the weirdness.

I finished my mission with 10 elders. So i was the inly sister. Which was in and of its self strange. I could go wherever I wanted, wherever I wanted^^ strange right?

As I drove toward my house, my first thought was that everything here is flat. My sister thought it quite strange, but as I have been living in a country where even the tiniest most country-style cities have 20 or more tall apartments in sight, it was quite flat! Nothing here being about two levels or three maybe…

Now I sit here and I try to unpack and the feeling is weird. Like a dream that I just can’t  grasp. But I have to try. I must dive head first into this new stage of life! A job and making new friends in particular ^^ I pray that I can make this transition well and avoid as much awkwardness as possible.

My Stake President told me that I need to DO what I taught my investigators. Read in order to understand God’s plan more and to gain much more knowledge. And I must pray in order to increase my spiritually  and strengthen my relationship with the Holy ghost. And then I must show my desire and truly progress  by attending church.

I am excited, nervous, and a bit scared about this new stage of my life. But I know that God will help me enter it and He will give me strength and comfort.

Thank to all those who supported me on my mission.  I can’t believe it’s already come to an end!  But I know it was where God needed me to be. And I always want to remember this experience and user it as a tool to improve and learn from.

Have a good day every one!!! I love you do much♡♡1433402658072-1720717350


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