Baptisms Up the Wall


IMG_0626I skyped with my family just 5 hours ago, for the record. So this is just an update for those of you who I didn’t skype ๐Ÿ˜›

Our investigators are doing great! Sister Hwang came to church yesterday! We have an appointment on Wednesday. We will talk about baptism and just recheck with her about that and how she feels about it. She was able to see Sister Song’s baptism on Sunday! So I hope that made some sort of impression on her. It was a very spiritual baptism ^^

As for Sister Sreymom, she is just as cute as ever. We taught the Restoration lesson and she completely accepted EVERYTHING. She is truely open to everything.She believes that God has only one true church on this earth. She hasn’t joined any official chuch but she has prayed to God and to ansectors before. Next time we meet we are going to talk about her recieving baptism on the 31 of May. That day another 8 year old american girl, Suzy, will be baptised also, so it is a great day to have Sreymom’s baptism and it can be an all English service. It will be great for the English Branch members.

No too much else this week. It was pretty slow. I got a sunburn! That turned into a tan… all the Koreans told me to put on my sunscreen… But I want to tan…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All of you have a good week. I’m exhausted, but it’s a good tired. Stay healthy and dont forget to talk to God about your troubles. He loves you. He will help you. I love you!

4/4 was Brother Hwang’s baptism
4/26 was Sister Jo’s baptism
5/10 was Sister Song’s baptism
5/17 will be Brother Lee’s baptism (Elder’s investigator)
5/24 (52%) will be Brother Lee Saint (his name in korean means Saint haha) (other Elder’s investigator) AND Sister Hwang! (68%)
5/31 Suzie (member’s daughter) and Sreymom
6/7 is fast sunday… maybe there will be a baptism haha See you then!

– Sister Jenson ์  ์Šจ์ž๋งค (jen-seun ja-mae)


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