I’m Learning Cambodian

I’m Learning Cambodian
Hello Everyone!!! Well its the 2nd P-day of the transfer and I’m sitting in a PC Room with loud games sounding all around me and the floor above us doing construction… sounds fun right? haha but its worth it because this PC room is only 60 cents per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Monday Sister Park an I went shopping in the Eun-Haeng Underground Mall… I think it’s become a tradition~ It’s great though because Sister Park and I share ALL of our clothes! So her new clothes are mine, and because I’m going home soon I try not to buy… but all of my clothes will be hers. She’s happy ๐Ÿ˜›

Do any of you remember Sister YuMi Lee?? We visited her again this week. When I was with Sister Oh last transfer she said that she can maybe meet in April… but not April is ending and she is still busy… ใ… ใ…  She now said she can meet in June… I told her I will be gone then! So we are having a big dinner with her whole family next next week! Pray for her to be able to meet the missionaries later! I love her and she is so accepting that I KNOW she would LOVE the gospel in her life! โค

This week started out a bit slow. We weren’t able to meet with Sister Hwang or Brother Hwang this week (siblings) So that was sad. This week was also Zone Conference… my last… I have soo much consecration to work on in 4 weeks! I cant handle it! But It is VERY nice and rewarding to look back and see the changes I have made in my personality and behaviour ^^ President Shin told me a transfer ago that I have really matured a lot and become one of the most valuable missionaries as of recently. It made me so happy. I fell like this mission was MADE for me!!! But just a minute… we’ll save that for the last email ใ…Žใ…Ž

At Zone conference we talked an amazing amount about consecration. I feel the urgency more that ever before. How consecrated can I become in the next four weeks? Also, how well can I prepare my little greenie companion so that she can take over the area and our investigators? My biggest consecration that I need in proselyting. Open my mouth so much that I can say “I worked my butt off my last transfer” I want to say that^^ย  I’ll share with you just EXACTLY what consecration is in a month ^^ It will change your world.

Sister Jo Young-Ju is keeping the commandments really well!! She works long hours at a waffle cafe now, but she is keeping away from coffee and alcohol very well despite being the one serving it to customers each day^^

I bet you’re quite confused about my title… In our ward is a Mexican man named Patro. He can speak about 30 languages just for the record… He lived in Cambodia recently. He fell in love with a Cambodian woman named Sreymom. He later came to Korea,ย I don’t know why, but got a place to stay and got a job and worked for a while. He went back to Cambodia at the beginning of April. On the 6th (yes planned) they were married in Cambodia! She is 25, Patro is 26 and she cannot speak Korean and she can only speak a little of English. She is outgoing and BEAUTIFUL and we started meeting her this week! With Patro’s help we are going to baptise her!!!! She is teaching my Cambodian…. It looks like a picture!^^ (see attachment) that’s the alphabet… I’m learning to read it!!! It’s so exciting!! That makes Russian, Chinese, and Cambodian that I learned how to read on my mission…

Well that’s me week!! I hope you all have a great one too! LOVE YOU!

– Sister Jenson ์  ์Šจ์ž๋งคย  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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