Feeling The Spirit Stronger

Feeling The Spirit Stronger

So here is my week!

Monday Sister Oh and I said our goodbyes to Sister Jensen and Sister Collyer. My MTC sisters are leaving!! It’s weird and interesting.
Tuesday we had two meals with members. Sister Oh just loves the Daejeon people! She goes back and forth between loving them so much that she doesn’t want to go, to being so curious about transferring.
Wednesday we had the opportunity to take the new greenies street proselyting. Three new Sisters came. They are soo cute! AND all have such strong desire. I’ll say it was contagious.
Later that same day we met with Sister Hwang, Brother Hwang’s sister. We taught about Christ’s Gospel. She explained that right now she only remembers to pray once a week. Her mind understands that she needs this gospel but her heart hasn’t felt it yet. She has said a couple times that her heart isn’t opened yet. So we asked her “have you talked about this with God yet? have you told him your worries?” So we committed her to pray to god about it.
Next when we talked about baptism we explained that we make covenants with God. It’s a two way promise. When we follow God’s commandments he promises to give us His spirit. The Holy Ghost. Just like that, we can make a goal with God, and promise to do everything in our power to work for that goal and God promises to help us in the ways that we need.
So with that, we tried to set a day for baptism. May 17th is her goal. Its not 100%, but its good to have a goal and really work for it. We invited her to pray about that day and if that is what God wants. She’s doing great but she needs to pray more to invite the spirit into her life.
Please pray for her faith to increase and for the spirit to grow in her life.
Wednesday night, we had FHE with Brother Hwang’s family. We talked about temples. His wife, EunSuk has a lot of interest in visiting the temple. As we talked more, this realization came out. Because his mom gave him permission to attend church, she wants to study our church and Catholicism. It will be good. She will see the difference because our church has ALL the truth, and she is interested in reading the Book of Mormon lately. They also promised to have couple prayer three times a week, which is a big step for her because she things prayer is awkward. YAY She is progressing well!
Thursday was transfer meeting! My new companion is Sister Park Ji-in, from Busan. She is 20 and quiet but fun. She likes music and loves to laugh. and is great at listening and following. Pray for her to learn this area fast!
This week was stake conference as well. So many people came so it was hard to teach Sister Park which members were ours or not.
Sister Jo!!!!!!! Of course her baptism was a success! She is great and brought her friend as well! (YuSeong Sisters will meet her) She will receive the Holy Ghost next week. Pray for her to be safe and spiritually uplifted!
Lastly, I want to share part of Stake Conference. Elder Whiting of the Seventy came and gave a talk. He asked the question “Before you die, what is the one thing you want to give your children?” Some of us might answer ‘A good future’ ‘A good education’. Some of us more deep rooted in the Gospel of Christ might answer ‘A strong testimony’ As I did at first.
He then shared 3rd Nephi 19:9 which states that the people all prayed for their biggest desire, and that it was to have the Holy Ghost.
We as members must HAVE the Holy Ghost. We don’t just RECEIVE the Holy Ghost. Just as you RECIEVE a gift = end. done. no more work. But the Holy Ghost is an ongoing process. We must qualify for the Spirit of God Every. Single. Day. Of. Our. Lives. It is something that we must receive AGAIN and AGAIN each day!
So now ask yourself, are you receiving it everyday? I read the scriptures in the morning and pray to God EVERY morning in order to receive the Holy Ghost for Every. Single. Day. It’s an eternal process. And without it, your are denying God’s power in your everyday life.
So ask yourself again. “Before you die, what is the one thing you want to give your children?”
The Holy Ghost
Thats all I have this week! Goodbye and I love you all! ❤ ❤

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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  1. Do you honestly think it matters to God if she knows the Catholic Church is true like 1.2 billion people on the planet or the LDS church is true like 15 million. Or maybe she will find a home in Buddhism like 350 million. You are making things way more complicated than they need to be.

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