I Made Crepes!!^^

First a few fun stories…
We lost our phone this week!!~ it started on Friday the 10th… many of the missionaries phones were broken. So it was EXTREMELY hard to tell and invite people to Conference! Saturday, Sunday, Monday… BROKEN! We could receive texts and calls but NOT SEND anything… absolute torture 😛 On top of that, we lost our phone on a bus. I have never prayed that many times is one night! We walked (Literally no money) to the end of one bus route, talked to three bus drivers trying to figure out where our phone might be or go if it was found. We waited for the third bus and he was smart and kind enough to CALL our phone.
We were right, it was at the end of the bus route… just not THIS bus’s route… so having no money, we went home and slept a night without a phone!!!! haha next morning after studies we received help from a member and borrowed bus money and rode the bus (A LONG FAR AWAY BUS) to the end and got our phone safely only to find it with a nearly dead battery… END!
Another story… I got to play a flute this week!!!! IT FELT SOO GOOD! Beware mom and dad, I will be playing my flute AND PICCOLO for at least a week straight… ^^
Last story, I MADE CREPES!!! So delicious!!!
Just a quick update of our investigators for today~
Sister Jo had her baptismal interview and she is going to be baptized in a week on Sunday! It will be great! And I’m in the process of borrowing a flute to play for her since she loves music very much ^^
Brother Hwang is still active and reading each day. He is happy and glowing when we meet him. His wife didn’t come to church this week, but we hop and pray for that not to become a normal.  This week we briefly met Brother Hwang’s mother. She was pleasant and nice, but didn’t join in on the Family Home Evening we had. But she did invite us to come for dinner next week! So it will be a great day on Wednesday!!
As for his wife, Sister Kim, she is attending another church right now in order to get their daughter accepted into a specific school. She has to become closer with the preacher there… but she said once HaYeon is accepted she wants unity in her family and will come to church all together as a family each week. She doesn’t enjoy attending two churches. So there is hope for that ^^ This week we taught about Eternal families and I think it was really good for her to hear those things.
Brother Hwang’s sister is getting more and more in tune with the spirit I think. She is quite busy, but she knows that baptism is her goal and that is why we are meeting. Once she gets that first confirmation of the spirit I think they rest will be a smooth road.
Other news this week, Sister Oh is getting transferred down south and I am getting another Korean companion who is fairly new to the missionary life. Her name is Sister Park Ji-In. My job is to teach her this area well and pass it off to her in one transfer, which is a feat, but you know, with the right attitude, anything can be done! So wish us luck! I will send pictures soon also! Check my blog, I plan on putting A LOT up today ^^
Love you all! Have a great week! Pray for me and my last 6 weeks! ❤ ❤ ❤
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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