Permission and Progress <(^.^<)

Well I will begin with last week, we went to Gong-Ju to see the cherry blossoms! YAY! I’m not really a sight-seeing person so it was just good. Didn’t bring my camera with me so no pictures sorry! As for today, we and 4 other Sisters went to the oh-so-famous- YuSeong Spa… a bathhouse. It was magical, as always. I only have 7 more weeks to go!!! I wish i could go EVERY week! But we’ll see if my new companion next transfer is willing… or will we have to force her?? ^^

This week we met with Sister Jo Young-Ju. I mentioned her in past emails. but here is a great update for you all… She will receive baptism on the 26th of April! WOO! She is already changing! Just little differences in her personality. I cant wait to see her come out of the water, new and glowing. She seems to be working real hard for this. She sees the importance of it! And she gave up things in the Word of Wisdom just because it is God’s commandment. No questions asked, just like we all ought to do ^^ Meeting with her two times a week has been a privilege and a great learning experience.

We also met with Brother Hwang’s Sister, Hwang AeJa. We taught her the Restoration. When we brought up prayer she had a real light in her eyes and I feel as though she is currently finding out thta God is her loving Father in heaven.

The other big news is that we watched General Conference this week! Sister Hwang came to a session. Sister Jo came to a session (she had a test to prepare for and take on Sunday, otherwise she would have come to all sessions) And Brother Hwang came to ALL of them! He’s so great!

Better yet, the final scoop of this week… we have been set loose of Brother Hwang’s mother… She told him to learn and study. So basically permission to do what he desires!!! A HUGE BLESSING!! So we are going to do FHE on Wednesday and finally meet the mother! And we will be able to really teach Brother Hwang’s wife! I’m so excited and so happy for them!!!!

Everyone keep up the praying and scripture reading! Don’t go a day without reading!!! It’s key to your spirituality! I heard a quote once that sounds similar to a scripture in the Book of Mormon…

Alma 41:10~ We all know it… “Wickedness never was happiness” But the quote goes like this… “Laziness in spiritual matters never was happiness” So fix your lazy habits and BE BETTER! And Listen to conference again because YOU HAVE THE INTERNET!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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