People Are Chasing Us…

People Are Chasing Us…
Why that sort of title you may wonder? Well, recently our someone told us “Investigators are chasing you!” I will get to the why in just a minute.

This week was quite busy. No time for a break, no food in our fridge almost all week (don’t worry I was fed), and a lot of POTENTIAL! My favourite kind of busy ^^ On Monday we met a Less Active Member who is very fun to talk to. On Tuesday we met with two investigators. One is a grandma and one is a 10 year old little girl. Both are very lovely and easy to teach. We teach the little girl (JinYul) English and we made a ‘candyland’ type game of Plan of Salvation. She remembers things so well!

On Thursday we met Sister Hwang! Brother Hwang’s sister…. obviously. She is so beautiful and so smart. She doesn’t yet believe in God, but she is willing to try to gain a testimony and learn from us. An Elder in the area made a set of 22 questions that could help a basic testimony grow and marked up all the answers in a Book of Mormon that we gave to Sister Hwang. We think it will really help her. We just talked about God and mentioned baptism ~ we gave a soft baptismal date and she said that when she knows this gospel is true she will get baptized!! YAY!

After that lesson, we met Sister Jo YoungJu. Remember her from last week’s email! Well she knows so much and we met her oldest daughter SuMin and they both have such great interest! So pray for that to increase ^^ We also were able to extend a baptismal date to her. She kind of slid is off but we had a miracle on the weekend. Sister Shin connected with Sister Jo YoungJu so well! And they talked about a baptismal date together a little bit. So I’m pretty sure we’re going to finalize that this next week, so if you can pray for us, thank you!

And as for Brother Hwang, we had our last lesson with him this week. It was beautiful and long and so helpful. Right now a big worry for him or for us, is that he is really spiritual and his wife doesn’t really want a religious husband. But seeing he come to church and seeing how comfortable she is makes me hopeful. She touched my hair the other day like a friend/mom type of figure. I’m really really glad she is comfortable with me like that.

So His baptismal service was nice. Lots of investigators came and a nice amount of members came. It was nice. But what was better was when he received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. He really looked like a new light was about him. And right after church, we witnessed him receiving the Aronic Priesthood! Woot he is progressing ^^

That was my week! Keep being strong and happy! I love you! Have a great week~

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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