April Fourth


Hello everyone!! Happy almost April! Can you believe it’s almost April?? That means spring and General Conference! CANT WAIT! Some funny things this week:

Sister Oh got her ears pierced!!! AND She is memorizing a few primary songs in English… “Lead me, guide me, walk inside me…” Is just one of them ^^

This week we also had our Spring Cleaning house check! We were complimented for having one of the cleanest houses! ^^ Thank you new found joy for cleaning!

As for feeling the spirit this week, I was sick alot ㅠㅠ So that cut out alot of focus. But despite that, We had a GREAT lesson with a less active member named Sister Mo. We try to visit her ever week on Mondays. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well! On top of that, we met with a former investigator of previous Sisters in this area, and felt the spirit real strong talking about the Holy Ghost and the way it communicates to us.

This week we also met a new investigator names Sister Young-ju Jo. She was a referral from a member in GawangJu and she is VERY fun and outgoing. The member who referred her wants her to recieve baptism at the end of April. Pleas pray for us to teach with the spirit and work toward that amazing goal of a month baptism. She knows so much already and is quite prepared. She came to church yesterday as well.

Speaking of church, Brother Hwang had a business trip this weekend so he wasn’t able to come to church, BUT His sister and his friend came!! His sister, as I have mentioned before, has already attended church once. We are meeting her tomorrow! She literally knows nothing, so pray for us to find her needs ^^

As for Brother Hwang’s friend, on Friday he gave his friends number to the Elders and they immediately contacted him… turns out the talked to him a few weeks ago on the street when they were doing a survey!! Miracles!!!

And last but not least (Best actually) Brother Hwang has learned the first 4 lessons all the way through. We had a lovely meeting with him on Friday. He got a glimpse of what baptism is like through a clip from The District. After the lesson ended, Sister Bringhurst, through translation, expressed her love and all the members love for Brother Hwang in a testimony. After teaching him about the Law of the Fast, we invited him to fast next Sunday for a special cause and offered our support to fast with him. Sister Bringhurst brought out her family pictures and explained how important family is to her and in our church. She offered, if he would accept our help to fast with him so that he can have the opportunity to tell his mother about his interest and acceptance of this church. It brought him to tears and he really felt our love.

After the appointment, he was interviewed from baptism! His baptism will be on Saturday the 4th at 6 pm!!! (For you in Utah that is 2am on Saturday morning…) SO excited for him!!!

Thank you all soo much for your prayers!!! I know they helped! Hopefully there will be more people for you to pray for soon. Thank you!!! I love you!!! Have a good day!

PS: keep praying for him though^^

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)

~~He chose April 4th because in Korea 4 in an unlucky number. It is a sign of death. I think there are a couple unique things in this date, so close to the Lord’s Birth and on the FOURTH day of the FOURTH month he will be ressurected and reborn as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a new person.


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