Surprise ^^


FIRST WEEK OF THE NEW TRANSFER! That means the rest of my sisters in my MTC group have one transfer left. It means 6 weeks more with Sister Oh. It means a transfer with new goals and a new start and a new mind. AND I AM SO READY!

Last P-day we went to Eun-Haeng-Dong, which is a area in my area, but a nickname for the 3 mile long underground shopping mall… (PS already been there 3 times…) Well we went again. Cheap delicious food exists there too! So we spend any hours there. We also cleaned a little and other SUPER fun stuff. Plus I made planners for Elders in my district. FUN DAY

Tuesday we did splits with the Sister Leader’s companions. Both are greenies (one Korean one Philippine) so it was an interesting day. I helped the Philippine sister, named Sister Palller. I got a taste of training. It’s REALLY something else to not be able to use Korean words in my English. There’s so much new missionaries don’t know. So it was a learning experience, but I hope I helped her!

On Wednesday we had a really good Ward Missionary Council. A lot of homework was given… I hope we can remember it all! We also met a new investigator! Her name is Eun-Kyeong Jeon (yes i know all the names sound the same-I think so too) So she is GREAT! She studies the bible so hard!!! I think she really enjoyed the gospel talk as well.

And the Highlight (well there’s two) is ALWAYS Brother Hwang. We met him this week on Friday with our mission President and his wife. Brother Hwang’s wife and daughter came!!!!! IT was sooo fabulous and his wife told us that she is more comfortable with the church!!! It’s sooo great! So crazy stuff, when we talked to Brother Hwang on Sunday and discussed his baptismal service in a bit more detail, he requested President Shin to baptise him!!! How cool right?? They got close I think. So that the wonderful news this week! Church was also spiritually focused on the Atonement. I think it was God’s blessing to us and to Brother Hwang, because that is where his questions are. SO thank you for your prayers!! They are helping soo much!!!

Currently his mother in visiting. The date he chose for his baptism is because his mother will be gone and its a bit less stressful. So after his baptism hopefully we can do FHE and we really want to focus those on his wife. We want to spark in her a desire for baptism and faith.So pray for that! Thank you!!!

AND!! Yesterday was Sister Oh’s (American age) 20th Birthday!!!! WOOT!! In our mission there is an older couple, Sister and Elder Bringhurst. My parents know them as the people who take care of my expenses and travel. They are called as the ‘office couple’ here. So they DO take care of travel and expenses. They also happen to attend the English Branch here with the Dun-San Ward. The adults have a separate Sunday school, but during sacrament, the Elders translate for them.

Well simply put, Sister Oh just loves them! She talks about them all the time! SO I made an appointment with them on Sunday night for her birthday. I wrote their name backwards in my planner and told sister Oh we were meeting a Philippine couple, so she had to practice her English. Sister Oh also doesn’t know streets very well so though she has been to their house 2 times, she remembered nothing. We even pressed a doorbell thing that needs a code to get into the apartment building, and Sister Bringhurst talked and Sister Oh didn’t recognize her voice!!! I asked her right after if she understood anything. She said she only understood “okay come up” and had no idea who it was. When we got up to the 3rd floor and she saw Sister Bringhurst, she new she was fooled and as Elder Bringhurst took pictures, she fell on the floor laughing and embarrassed. BEST EVER! I also made a card and bought her favourite chocolate in secret… AND WE’RE COMPANIONS! Together 24/7!!! I LOVE her soo much!!!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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