Ready To Learn


“People will learn when they’re ready to learn. Not when you’re ready to teach them.” ~So we must always
โ€‹be ready, not to teach, but to listen to the Still Small Voice of the Spirit and teach by his guidance.

Whats new this week… hmm It was transfer week! But my companion and I stayed the same. We go two new Elders in our area. In DunSan ward Elder Park and in SunHwa ward Elder Ross…. My cousin!!! Woot!!! I always thought it would be fun to serve with him! And well here we are! And Plus we came to Korea together so that’s fun ^^

This week we found two new investigators! One is a Less Active member’s daughter. They used to live in the ward right next door. She is 11. Her name is Kim JinYul. So cute. The other is…. dun Dun DUN Brother Hwang’s Sister!!!! She is Beautiful and kind. wish us luck with these two!

Interesting thing this week… though neither of us transferred, we went to the transfer meeting, which is at the mission home. I got to see everyone! This transfer 11 sisters came in! So many greenies! We got to spend a day with a Sister from YeoSu who came us to be a temporary companion for another sister. She went back home after our day together, and she will go to the MTC for the Seoul South mission Tomorrow! It was a really crazy day with the thrown into our schedule.

The highlights of my week were certainly meeting with Brother Hwang. We met him at a member’s house of Friday and ate some food together. We discussed the Gospel of Christ and talked about Enduring to the End. I think it was really amazing for him. He has so many questions. I wish I could just answer all of them now!!! But I know that only through the Holy Ghost can I teach him and answer his many questions. We’re excited for General Conference and how much we know it will help him!

On Saturday we met him again with our Mission President’s wife. She is such a great help! And so amazing at teaching! I love her!! We taught half of the 4th lesson which is about the commandments. I think he really understands why we have them and wants to follow them. He said that before learning about church and this gospel, Sunday was a day to relax, but he never could really feel relaxed. But now as he has been coming out to church, he has found a lot more peace and quiet on Sundays after church. He has not failed to come each week!

And extra blessing was that he referred his sister to us! we ill start teaching her next week. She is just curious now, but hopefully Brother Hwangs example will touch her and this gospel will change her and make her happier.

That was my week! Full of amazing blessings and opportunities! I love this work soooo much! I am staying until the end of the year! Sorry MOM! ๐Ÿ˜›

Have a great week everyone! Write me more!

– Sister Jenson ์  ์Šจ์ž๋งคย  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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