“I Am a Child of God” Listen to the words.. do they touch your heart?


Hello Everyone!! It’s been some nice weather here in Deajeon… around 6 degrees… hahaha Anyway, this week has had it’s highlights. Crazy stuff first.

Last week we went to JungAng SiJang. That is the market place at the edge of our area. And we went… HANBOK shopping!!! A 한복 HanBok: 한 Han is for Korea. 한식 HanShik = Korean food. 한글 hanGul = Korean alphabet… ect. 복 Bok is the OLD word for clothes. So simply put, a Korean traditional dress! For women its literally a dress. So in news for today, we are having a little Sister Activity together and taking pictures in HanBoks all together. So of course I had to buy one… and they are not cheap. They are also used at traditional weddings and so you can buy one fore $1000 if you buy it as your wedding dress. Also it can be a bridesmaid dress or a graduation dress or anything fancy. So I got one for relatively cheap… PICTURES next time ^^ It was also one of the things i didn’t want to leave Korea without.

This week Sister Oh and I obsessed over a food called Dalk-kang-jang. It is basically boneless chicken pieces. I realized why I love it SOO much… ITS JUST LIKE PANDA EXPRESS!! Except a bigger variety of sauce flavour. So The point is, we ate it almost every time we saw it. One day was particularly hard because we were fasting…

Now besides the usual (me teaching Sister Oh English that she doesn’t need, like the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air rap and how to talk like a gangster) Everything is pretty normal around here. Now I can tall you a bit about our investigators. Sister HangEui Jo chose an English name!! Jayln. She is such a fun person!

Sister YuMi Lee learned more about the Plan of Salvation this week. We’re taking it real slow with her. But she is progressing well. We are trying to get a day to do FHE with her every week.

As for Brother Hwang, this week all the Sisters in DunSan ward were out of town together at a Relief Society Campout (FUN!) So we had to cancel our 11 am appointment with Brother Hwang because we couldn’t find an adult Sister to help. But God always provides! We were able to do FHE instead at their house! Which is so much more useful for their family. We learned that after we taught the Plan of Salvation, their daughter Hayeon would say things like “If mommy drinks alcohol she cant go to the celestial kingdom!” Brother Hwang’s wife, Sister EunSuk was very active in learning this time. She also shared how her husband is such a good example. And at the end, maybe for the fourth time, Brother Hwang cried while he said the prayer. And right after, his wife was wiping tears, asking the rhetorical question “why am I crying?”

The next day Brother Hwang came to church the WHOLE 3 hours with his daughter. It was her first time in Primary. I went with her and it was very fun to see her try and participate. She LOVES to read so much so when the teacher asked who wanted to read the scripture, her hand shot up. She read the Book of Mormon SO well! And when they asked who believes in God and Who believes in Jesus, she raised her hand high like all the other little children.

Also, during sacrament meeting, the last song sung was “I Am a Child of God” HaYeon sang loud, and I looked over to see Brother Hwang crying. The song had really touched him. Everything has touched him spiritually recently. So because of that we gave him a children’s hymn book and told him to take it home and sing with HaYeon. We also gave him the Family: A Proclamation to The World in a pamphlet version, and asked him to read it together with his family. Brother Hwang is such an amazing husband and father! He is progressing so well. We’ll fill you in about his baptism next week!

PS Sister Oh will transfer in a week and a half, so be prepared! haha I’m not… BYE! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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