My Sweet Little Sister Oh


So I’m all moved in! I will sometimes say things out loud at home like “I’m going to die in this house” as in I will finish my work her, and I’m so happy about it. But Sister Oh thinks I’m saying I will die because of something bad. haha I’ve taught her A LOT of idioms and random words. Like today she learned “my scarf is fraying” haha It so fun to teach her things. I learn about 50 new words each day! The thing I’ve realized is that Koreans cant help when you’re a greenie (as well as foreigners can) but they help A LOT more when you’ve done some service, because now its SYL all the time. and when I cant explain i just ask, use, and memorize! This is great!

We didn’t meet too many investigators this week, but when we did it was very special ^^ Through the time spent visiting members and just street proselyting, I’ve come to know this area REALLY well. It’s only been a week, but I am 70% confident about my ability. Sister Oh is so good and helping. She is a nearly perfect companion and a very diligent missionary. We teach each other a lot about missionary work and how to progress. I love her so deeply!

I have been privileged enough this week to feel the spirit often. Sister Oh is so amazing. The one time when we taught and didn’t feel the spirit she was sad! I told her “You cant ALWAYS feel the spirit. Sometimes that person doesn’t want to listen and so that blocks the spirit” but she said no and taught me that even if they don’t want to listen, you can still teach by the spirit. Now its one of my biggest goals to ALWAYS feel the spirit in whatever situation I’m in!

So I met our investigator Noel Jung. She is a new mother! And she is doing well with her coffee fast currently. And we says she will come out to church when it gets a bit warmer. I have high hopes for her. she has such potential she just needs to see it and see the benefits of church and the gospel.

Magical things have happened this week in preparation for next week. we have a fairly busy schedule next week and that makes less stress for me. This area is nearly stress free! Thanks to my ability to memorize, my lovely sweet little Sister Oh, and God and all of His blessings for this area! So much is progressing! MIRACLES! I can see them ^^

Last but not least, Brother Hwang! He came to the church a week or two ago looking for religion that would unite his family. Long story short, he came to church, liked it and we are meeting twice a week! We will do FHE with him and his wife and daughter. Pray for him to be strong and listen and learn well. He already is, but we can use all the prayers we can get!

Thank you! My time is up! I love you all!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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