The Best of the Best

Well its a new area and a new companion. Its the best feeling. A new start basically! But I’m here and you’re still in the past, so lets go back a little shall we?

I said my goodbyes to those that I felt mattered. I didn’t get to see Yu DaSol at all… so I’m sad about that. But I have permission to call her to keep her a little more active. On Tuesday everyone canceled but one. Valerie. We get her and Nora a collage of us and our time together. it was beautiful and short.  This week was filled with a lot of cleaning. we ate at the hamburger shop by the church n d I said good bye to the ladies there. they love me too much! I WILL MISS AMERICAN HAMBURGERS!

Thursday we traveled. Sister Collyer and I went to the bust terminal where she met Sister Morten, her new companion, and a Seosan Baby! And then Sister Lee and I went to Deajeon. There I met the other sister Jensen and her companion who is now MY companion! Her name is Oh Eurim. She is the cutest Korean on the face of the planet. She cant understand English, so we talk a lot in Korean. I am surprised by how much Korean I know! I understand 90% of what she is saying! 7% I guess and 3% I ask about. I think also the feeling of being Senior made me get up to my potential.

Sorry to skip to Saturday, but we met 2 investigators who are men and FULL gospel interest. One was a VERY spiritual meeting. Lovely in every sense of the word. His name is Hwang WonJin and he was referred to us because he has a 7 year old daughter. We also held a youth activity on Saturday.

My area is in Deajeon. Its the 5th biggest city in Korea… there are 3 sets of sisters in the city. I cover DunSan ward and SunHwa ward, and we also proselyte in SamSung area where the mission home is. I get to visit the mission home whenever I want and I get to take next transfers greenies out to street proselyte each transfer! WOW!!! Im SOOO excited! Also President told me I will be training next transfer. BE PREPARED because I’m going to have a daughter! And then die…. hahaha anyway I love this area already and I am working hard on trying to memorize everything and anything.

Because president told me that and because I am finally senior, it is hitting me that I only have 3 transfers left. I’m not ready to be done! I only just got into my missionary grove and really know Korean now and now how to work everything! WHY AM I A SISTER! I don’t want this work to be over. I wish I could give all my knowledge to another sister coming in so she can start where I left, but sadly, that is not how it works. They have to learn on their own…

I have small time left out here in this wonderful country. I’m sad, nervous, but excited to what is to come. Who knew I would be one to ask for more time. I want to serve for a 13th transfer, but I cant…

I hope you all can find the same kind of desire about something in your life. Whether its your job, your family, or your gospel, find it. uild it. Use it for good. I will be diligently using my last months as BEST as I can. I hope you can try the same! I love you all! have a good day! Next week I will tell you more about Brother Hwang!


– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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