Special Lessons


Hello everyone! This week might be short again, but I hope you enjoy!

This weeks highlight was definitely Tuesday. It started with a great District meeting. Then we met with Sally! and a student who wants to learn English and in the evening we met Valerie. Have I told you about Valerie? Well first things first…

Sally learned the rest of the Plan of Salvation. She REALLY loves it and listened really well. What was quite unique is that we brought up the Word of Wisdom in the English portion of teaching! Right? So we talked about that and chastity. It went well ^^ Then we started our lesson about the plan of salvation and we went all the way into temples and eternal families. Sally wants an eternal family! ❤

We had planned to teach Valerie about temples and eternal families so we had the things necessary to teach. We showed Sally pictures of temples and even the insides. She loved it. Through the plan of salvation we were able to EASILY teach about what we DO in the temple. It was great and Sally already wants to go there. We wish the Seoul Temple was in our mission boundaries so we could go with her!! But a member is taking her there next week!

As for Valerie… Valerie was an investigator in Sang-Dang before we combined, so I'm not sure how they met her. But she is 46 and FUN and loving and the BEST COOK IN THE WORLD! She feeds us a lot. She owns a restaurant. Valerie has a daughter named Nora (These names were given to them by Sister Collyer and Pappa. Nora took to her name SO FAST that her friends call her Nora now) Nora is 18, she just finished high school. We teach them together sometimes and sometimes just Valerie.

So we had prepared the temples lesson, but because Nora was there, we taught her the Plan of salvation with Valerie's help. It went really well!

What was SO AMAZING about this day was that each of our investigators basically taught themselves. When we said something, they clarified in more easy-to-understand Korean. It was the SPIRIT! They each understood SO well and I was so happy that day. ^^

Last few things that were notable this week… on Thursday we ate dinner with Lisa at a SUPER expensive western food Diner. It was a great day!

And a great week! I love you all! Stay healthy!

Oh and BY THE WAY I'm moving to Deajeon Zone! The area is called Dun-san! But I will cover two wards again… agh Wish me luck!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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