A Little Disappointed? Maybe…

A Little Disappointed? Maybe…

Hello everyone! How was your week? This week I went to a bathhouse with an investigator. woo! that was fun! I tried a new food this week… DELICIOUS! cant really explain it sorry!

Since I don’t have too much time, it will be short this week^^

Lisa came to church! So everything crazy that we thought happened was a misunderstanding. She and her boyfriend broke up and she seems a bit happier. She wants to meet like all the time now and she HAS time! So it’s great. She kept asking other members if they come each week. And she would tell them “I think I’ll come each week too” and she seems really willing to try. Her mom and dad think this Church is great and Lisa wants to bring her mom to church! Yay! So pray for her to have even MORE desire!

As for Sister Yu DaSol, we talked to her on the phone. She is engaged and she absolutely LOVED Utah, so thank you for being hospitable friends! She doesn’t have a house in cheong-ju currently, so she lives SUPER far and it’s hard to meet. So we call every other day or so. In February she will move to CheongJu and then we can meet regularly and get a baptismal date scheduled! Pray for her to have an increased desire. She wants to but she needs to ACT more.

Well, its a busy day! We went to the downtown shopping center with our foreign member this morning! So that was fun! Didn’t get to email until 2! So I’m sorry I missed anyone! I love you all!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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