Christmas Week – Still Sharing the Gospel


Hello Everyone! How was you week? Did you have a great Christmas? I did! Though it was NOT a white Christmas… I miss you Utah!

Here in Cheong-Ju we had a Christmas party in Heung-Dduk on the 24th and in Sang-Dang on Christmas day ~ Then we got to skype on the 26th! Yeah party!

For everyone wondering “what is Christmas like in Korea?” I will tell you. On Christmas Day we were visiting an investigator’s store in the downtown area. The roads and stores were SO PACKED! We could barely walk through.

In my mind it had the ‘week before Christmas’ feeling. Every single store was open and about half had a sale going on. And EVERY single person is with their ‘special someone’ So basically its a hyped up Valentines Day with Christmas music playing in the back ground.

Skyping was lovely. My companion also got a Free international calling number. BONUS!

My joyful moments of the week were few, but important ^^

I hope you all remember Lisa. We met with her and reviewed the Restoration lesson. She remembers so much and she prayed! We introduced the Plan of Salvation with the three questions ~ Where did we come from? What is our purpose on this earth? and Where do we go after this life? ~ She was very good at answering them.

At one point in the lesson, her friend called. She asked if she could answer it. In the call she told her friend to hurry over and come meet the “pretty foreigner missionaries” Her friend didn’t come, but Lisa was excited to share the things she’s learned, with her friend. She said “She doesn’t do religion well, but she WILL believe this!” putting her finger on the Restoration pamphlet ^^!!!!!!

Lisa has a testimony of Joseph Smith already! She believes his account and is jealous of his experience. She wants something like it. Please pray for her to gain a confirmation of our church!

On the 24th during a missionary meeting a woman showed up. She had met the missionaries 3 years ago or so. She’d been to church once. She really enjoyed it all and has heard every lesson.

She came and said she wants to learn again. So we were able to do a lesson with our mission presidents wife. The woman’s name is Sister Lee A-Reum. She is one of the most receptive people I have meet. Each time we read a scripture passage, she would retell it in her own words. It was amazing

In my mind I was thinking how do I involve a baptismal date? But thankfully Sister Shin was on top of it. Sister Lee accepted our soft baptismal date if she finds out this church is true . Pray for her to have time to meet us and that she will want to come out to church.

That is the end of my week. it’s been a wonderful time! I hope you are all doing great!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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