Everything is new!

Everything is new!

Hello family and friends!! What a beautiful snowy day it is!!! Or not snowy in your case… quick update~ Sister Kinikini and Pappa left well on Monday and we assume they had a safe fly home. After they left we proceeded STRAIGHT home to Re-do the WHOLE entire house. Our home is not cleanly fit for two people with an array of delicious foods from Homeplus! And yummy snacks sent from home! (Thank you mothers)

Our schedule has been busy busy busy. Leaving no time for member visits or less active visits, or even our language study time! THIS IS CRAZY! #ineedmy언어… We also spend extreme amounts of money on the bus, going to and from our area each day… Sang-dang is SOO far away. And majority of our investigators are there.

Speaking of investigators, two investigators gave us fried spaghetti… it tastes like pretzels…

Sister Lim SuOn suddenly told us that she really cherishes our meetings and every time she feels good and wants to do things better with her life. That type of stuff is not usually what she says so it was precious. PLUS it was AFTER the lesson, as we were leaving! She’s great ^^

Sally is 23 year old girl who lived in Canada for some time. She met missionaries there but doesn’t remember more than the Book of Mormon Priesthood and Prophet. WHICH IS SHOCKING! Those are the hard ones to explain^^ But she was never invited to church and doesn’t remember Joseph smith… But we want to give her a baptismal date this week! So pray for that!

Sister Yu DaSol is still in Utah, so pray for her to be strengthened by this visit! That’s all the important stuff as far as investigators go. We have a total of 13 now and 11 have pretty decent gospel interest! YAY

As for the Christmas party… it was SO great to talk to everyone! We could talk or watch the movie (17 miracles) I just talked… you know me. but I wish I could’ve done both… we ate yummy food, saw some greenies, took a mission picture, and listened to a devotional complete with good and not so good musical numbers and a narration of Jesus’s story.


Its SOOO Great! It made me teary…

We also went to Costco in Deajeon… I BOUGHT OATMEAL!! AMERICAN OATMEAL

Okay everyone have a great week! Be happy for your own country’s food! I love you!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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