No Longer a Heung-dduk Sister…


I bet THAT title surprised you!!! No I am not moving. I did get a new companion… sort of… but also an old companion. Sister Collyer is my companion AGAIN! yay! We weill be together for our one-year-in-korea mark! And therefore, our areas got combined! I am now officially a Cheong-Ju Sister. I will switch off which ward to attend and we have 21 investigators! YAY! Work of the LORD!

It’s been a busy week as Sister Pappa and Kinikini prepared for their departure. My companion didnt sleep last night because she neglected to pack until yesterday… Please pray for her. And after this, we will eat a cozy lunch at a cafe and see them off on a bus, then return home to reorganize and redecorate #soexcited

That was the essence of my week. Everything led up to the phone call from our Mission President last night. (There is a depleation in Sisters as 11 are going home on Wednesday) (Also there are only 6 sisters that have come to the misison after me… and now 4 more this wednesday… We’re going extinct!)

My spiritual thought is keep growing and keep pushing. Dont fall back into what is comfortable and not the BEST you can do. As my Seminary teacher always said Better Today Than Yesterday

Are you BTTY?

I love you all!! have a great day!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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