“Listening doesn’t just mean hearing”

Hello everyone! Sad news… I lost my missionary planner. This might not seem like much to you, but for a missionary it’s like losing your phone, journal, and your memory! (As I don’t remember every single thing I do because there is so much) So This email will just be less specific 😛 Bear with me!!

This week we haven’t met with Sister Yu DaSol at all… She text us on Monday last week and told us she doesn’t feel ready for baptism… In my opinion, it is due to her work and how it is difficult for her to meet us at 10 each morning. We met her a month ago and gave her a baptismal date in four weeks… I don’t have much experience with preparing people for baptism, but it seems much too fast. We will see her again on Tuesday and discuss this plan. But rules are rules, so she wont be getting baptized on the 13th. Maybe, if we are able to comfort her and she gains a strong desire again, MAYBE on the 14th. But I feel as if it will have to wait until after she comes back from Utah. So pray for her and for us to teach her well!

As for our other investigators, they are all moving at a regular pace, or not moving at all. Pray for Lisa to have a strong desire. And For sister Lim SuOn to understand that religion is needed and will bring the BEST type of happiness.

~Mission Tour~

Of course you want to hear about this! But sorry, I cant remember like anything! But President Shin told us he was impressed without our language skills as a whole. Elder Aoyagi (a Seventy) spoke to us in Japanese with a Korean member translating it into Korean. I listened to the Korean and took my notes accordingly. It was hard, but a testimony and gratitude builder! I can understand KOREAN!!

We talked about Prophets and Missionaries of the Book of Mormon and applied them to our work here! It was AMAZING!

A Particular part I remember was when Sister Shin shared Mosiah 2:9. Which talks about Listening AND understanding. “Listening doesn’t just mean hearing” Through the Lord’s words, we can UNDERSTAND and receive personal revelation. But if we just hear, we are closing those routes. Ask yourself ‘When someone is talking to me about an interesting thing do I listen?’ of course right? It’s interesting!! BUT ‘When someone is talking to me about an uninteresting topic or something I don’t like, do I listen?’ That’s when you SHOULD listen. Maybe it’s their observation of you. Maybe it’s guidance that will help. Maybe it is the Lord’s word, given to you through someone else! LISTEN! Don’t just hear.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! This is my Companion’s last week in KOREA! Pray for her! Have a great day!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)


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