The Best Week Ever! (so far…)


Hello Everyone!!! Wondering about the title?? I will start with Monday. We met with a previous investigator who used to have a baptismal date. She is sweet and amazing, but REALLY doesn’t want to come back and learn about the church. It was my first time to meet her ^^

This week was filled with a lot of good teaching by the spirit and I learned a lot. I think one of the best ways to really apply the lessons to an investigator is when they have a baptismal date! But only one right now so… we’ll work on that ^^
We are currently teaching 9 people. kind of low, but we’re working hard always! 4 are progressing each week. We re-started English Class… 3 people showed up… and 8 missionaries… agh hopefully more next time ^^
This week I want to talk about 2 investigators specifically. Lisa and Sister Yu DaSol. We met with Lisa on Saturday. we taught her the whole first lesson. She believes in God. When she was young she went to church with her sisters. But she only prays when she is sad or lonely. So we asked her to pray for just thanks. And when we asked her why she was meeting us, she answered like this; I see religious people and they all look happy and well. And I want to be more happy. and I want God in my life more. and I think a turning point would be good for me.
Yay! We were so happy after that. We feel like she could be ready to accept a baptismal date soon. So pray for her. and for us to teach her well ~ thanks
 Sister Yu DaSol. We met with her Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday(nearly all day) Not everyone can progress as fast as her. Suddenly things came up. For example she has work from noon until 10. A part-time job to save up money for when she visits Utah. Her boyfriend is asking her to change her baptismal date and get baptised in Utah. She has expressed her desire to both us and him that she wants to get baptised here, in Korea because it is where she knows people. And most importantly, her family can attend.
We talked with a member until really late last night (taxi home!) She gave Sister Yu DaSol some great advice. Seeing as she will marry this man, our member/Bishop’s wife told her to tell him that he needs to not be so greedy! He gets to be with her for eternity and see her in the Temple. haha it made us laugh. And DaSol is all for it. I was overwhelmed because it was 3 hours on straight Korean and I got lost alot… But all is well! She is still on track not swayed at all!!
We also watched the opening address to conference one of those days. When she listened to President Monson’s voice and saw him, she said she could feel his place as a leader. And after that, as we went over the Baptismal interview questions, she could surely answer yes.
Other news, We have Mission Tour coming soon! (Dec 4th) A man (maybe a 70) will come and speak to us. He gave us the assignment to list in our study journal ALL the missionaries in the Book of Mormon. Also to study about how they teach. It’s a feat I’ll tell you. But I have never been more engaged in the Book of Mormon in my life! Each day I want to spend 5 hours just reading.
Also the other Sisters in my house made a 25 days till christmas activity countdown! (It started Saturday becaseu Sister Pappa and Kinikini leave before chirstmas) Each night we have a paper ornament with a scripture and question to answer! Its sooo cute! I will take a picture later ^^
Thats all for this week!! I love you all!
That is Coco… LOVE HER!!! More pictures next time^^

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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  1. I hope she realizes her parents can’t be at the temple for the wedding before she agrees. Unless they are members. Unless the baptism is less than a year from the wedding either way and they go do the public ceremonies first. Do they all know if they can do the paebaek?

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