Happiness 행복

Happiness 행복

Are you happy lately? Can you become even Happier?? YES!!!

Ten things that supremely happy people do:
1. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people. Joy is contagious. People are four times more likely to be happy in the future with happy people around them.
2. Happy people try to be happy. When happy people don’t feel happy, they cultivate a happy thought and smile about it.
3. Happy people spend money more on others than they spend on themselves. Givers experience what scientists call the “helper’s high.”
4. Happy people have deep in-person conversations. Sitting down to talk about what makes a person tick is a good practice for feeling good about life.
5. Happy people use laughter as a medicine. A good old-fashioned chuckle releases lots of good neurotransmitters. A study showed that children on average laugh 300 times a day versus adults who laugh 15 times a day.
6. Happy people use the power of music. Researchers found that music can match the anxiety-reducing effects of massage therapy.
7. Happy people exercise and eat a healthful diet. Eating a poor diet can contribute to depression.
8. Happy people take the time to unplug and go outside. Uninterrupted screen time brings on depression and anxiety.
9. Happy people get enough sleep. When people run low on sleep, they are prone to feel a lack of clarity, bad moods, and poor judgment.
10. Happy people are spiritual.

Answer these three questions; What are you happy? How do you continue in happiness? How can you become happy?
I am happy because I am serving the Lord as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
I stay happy by singing a song, or by thinking of a good memory I had with family or friends. 
I can become happy by studying the scriptures or by sharing my testimony with someone.
Try a little harder to be happy NOW instead of tomorrow. Give thanks to God for that LONG list of blessings He has given you.
Do you remember the girl i mentioned last week? Sister Yu Dasol. Well…. She accepted baptism!!! She will visit Utah for Christmas to see her boyfriends family. She wants to get baptized before she goes to Utah. So December 13th is her date!!! Please pray for her to be strong because Satan is going to pull her so much!  I’m out of time, so that is all I can write!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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