Personal Growth ~ Becoming A Leader


Wow what did I even do this week?? It’s been a moving week. I have SO many good thoughts from District Meeting, and from my Book of Mormon study, and from personal growth, and from the mission home! WHAT DO I DO?

First quotes…

“Perfection is not a prerequisite to personal revelation.” ~The prerequisite is daily repentance.

“Consistent obedience to small things will qualify you for the Spirit ~ and the revelation He brings”

“Peace is not the absence of trouble, But the presence of Christ” ~ pertaining to the answers that God gives (peaceful feeling, bad/uneasy feeling, no feeling)

“Your OWN personal testimony is the STRONGEST arrow in your quiver” ~ don’t remember what it was talking about, but I like it!

~~These all came from a talk about the four lessons for inspired decision making. I forgot who it was by, but they’re all great right!??

Some updates of mission life as I know it… a few new investigators. The ones we have are keeping on, but no big news… Coco is still not able to come to church. For different reasons now, but still in the same spot. We received a referral from a member in Daejeon who has a friend who lives in CheongJu. She came to church last week! She is 22 and SUPER cute. She is interested in our church because she is dating an American who served his mission in Korea. ^^ Pray for that to work out!

We also started meeting a girl who is 25 who met missionaries 5 years ago. She has interest in reading the Book of Mormon! Exciting!!! The Lord is blessing us with gospel interested people!!! SO excited!
Also this week we talked with a lady at a food stand on the side of the street. She is a great believer of God! So much, that when I ate a sandwich with kiwi sauce on it, she told that if I just prayed to God, I wouldn’t die ^^ Sweet huh? We’ll meet her again so she knows we still like her and dont blame her for my almost dying ^^

*********Dont worry family! A Sangdang member has a hospital that I went to (free of charge) and he gave me pills and fluids so that I was okay. I also received a blessing from my Bishop and ALL IS OKAY! God blesses His missionaries ^^

So this week I made new goals!!! (It’s a new transfer!)

As I have been delving more into the scriptures, I have found a new and stronger appreciation for the 2000 Stripling Soldiers. Their story is a particular favourite of mine, but as I have been working on exact obedience recently, their profound example encourages and inspires me. My favourite verse from their story is found in chapter 57 of Alma, verse 21, which states “and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness”

When I was young, those 2000 warriors were simply a cool band of men fighting for something. But now, as I read their story with more intent, I realize that they were young, fighting for something that meant the world to them. And fighting in place of their fathers. We in this day and age are fighting for something more than just our land and our families. We are fighting to protect the morality of humanity, and as missionaries we are fighting the grasp of Satan as we bring God’s children to the knowledge of their Father and their Savior.

I cant wait to do this work each week! And I hope to be able to do it with the same measure of power as those 2000 young men, and to come out with not even one soul lost to the powers of Satan!

As with that scripture I have been focusing my personal growth on becoming a leader. When I say leader, I am focusing on the sense of the word. Not a title, not a spot of position, nor a power. Just the essence of the word. That I will be a leader, a role model, and example in all I do. My words, thoughts, and actions must be in accordance with what a leader would do. Only in this way can I truly be an example to those I teach and work with.

I thought about the things which I must change in order to do that. I thought of leaders I know, and how they act. I thought of how they speak to others. Even my sisters, just normal every day to day members would not use some of the tones I use in my daily routine. So I am working on exemplifying their examples and their actions so that I, one day, can make a difference in someone else’s life.

To help me remember these recent goals, I have this scripture and these goals on the cover of my new planner. I hope it works each day. And maybe next time you see me in person I can be just a little bit closer to my current goals.

I love you all!! Thank you for the prayers! I just have a cold right now, but other that that, I am as healthy as can be! And I eat more than rice and kimchi so I can digest all my food right (Some missionaries think being ‘healthy’ means eating just kimchi and rice…)  HAVE A GREAT DAY AND WEEK!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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