Great Week ~ andbookofm​ormonstudy

Great Week ~ andbookofm​ormonstudy

Hello everyone! This week has been really great! You might ask why, but I’m not even completely sure why! But I will try to tell you about the things that made it joyful^^

This week I received a letter from my lovely mother ^^ She included a news clipping about the differences between fun and joy. Then in District meeting, the topic was happiness in the work. He kept using the word “fun”. I really wanted to clarify, but it might have detracted from the spirit, so I left it alone. But I knew in my heart that “fun” as defined in the article is a moment of pleasure, a moment of fleeting joy. But happiness is a sustained feeling of satisfaction in the work you are doing. A continued feeling of peace and true joy in the NOW.

I stand by that truth, and I add to it, the words of ‘Be happy now. Enjoy the blessings that God has given you.” And my all time favourite scripture, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart” Because if you trust in Him, you will know that all He does is for a reason. AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY!

This week we visited some less actives, and we were able to set up an appointment with a woman who sort of hates the church. But we are meeting with her this Friday!!!!! We also met a few new investigators this week… a few as in 4! yeah!
Our first new investigator is Sister Lim Su-on. She is in her 40’s and SUPER fun. not yet married 😦 and she has perfect English and is a vet! She has A LOT of questions ^^
Our second new investigator is Olga and Larisa. They are Russian women. Olga is in her 30’s and married to a Korean man, so she knows Korean VERY well! Larisa is Olga’s mother in her late 50’s. They are both wanting to learn English. So fun! (I can read Russian now ;P We’re not quite sure of how the gospel part will go yet. But Larisa LOVES to read the bible! So maybe some Bible and Book of Mormon Study???
Our third new investigator is a lady we have said hi to on the street about a bajillion times. Finally we had enough time to stop and introduce ourselves and invite her to our Halloween party ^^ She brought her daughter (4th) Yea-ji who is 14 years old. They attend another church, BUT the mom wants her daughter to go to the Young Women activities ^^ YAY

So maybe not a miracle week, but everything is a miracle in missionary work ^^ I think it was just a good week because I enjoyed my studies more…?? haha yep! I also got some WARM tights from a member! I’m really feelin the love lately! Our members are so awesome!!! And many people came out to our Halloween party! YAY! Okay well have a good week! I love you all! KEEP reading the scriptures! Mark them up and then get a new set! hahaha

~Halloween pics included!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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