How Do You Show Your Love and Respect for The Lord?

Update; we found a new investigator named Sister Yu Hyeon-Ju. she is 44 and an intensive English Course teacher… you can guess where her interest in meeting us spawns from… but she is open to hearing about our message, so pray for us to touch her heart!

Also, as I walk the streets of Korea I have people ask if I am Russian about 70% of the time. Yesterday a Russian woman talked to me in Russian… EVEN Russians think i’m Russian!!!!! haha

Yesterday the missionaries ate at a member’s restaurant (closed on Sundays) I ate the most wonderful meal in the world… Duck… endless duck with leaves and kimchi and wonderful side-dishes! Endless too! and I cooked it on a grill in the table… hahaha I love Korea!

Now the real stuff ^^
My motto:

To be a missionary that my Mission President can trust.
To be a missionary that my mom can be proud of.
To be THE missionary that God knows I can become.

Tuesday was a special day. President Shin came to our District meeting. A lot of focus on obedience, which is always good! I learn so much, and if I got this new refreshed feeling each week, I would be happy. So with that and with Elder Jorg Klebigat’s talk from General Conference, my new goal, among many, is to arise each morning with the words “Yes Lord! I will follow thee” in my mouth and in my heart.

There is so much we can work on. Ask yourself “Am I doing everything that I can do?

The answer is NO! Because there is Always something more you can do! Are you praying with your whole heart and nothing less? Are you reading the scriptures or are you PONDERING the scriptures? Are you going to church or are you partaking of the blessings of church? It’s always the primary answers! For a child, going to church is how he or she shows their parents and their God that that love and respect them.

For us as adults, merely going to church doesn’t suffice for the Lord. We must actively partake in each minute of the lessons. THAT is how we show our love for the Lord! We do all we can do, and then we do more…

Recently I have been thinking about how I can better PONDER the scriptures. I love reading books. SO why don’t I love reading the scriptures to the same degree?? I took a new approach. Instead of learning the history or who taught what, I want to learn about each prophet as an individual. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they speak and write. So I have been diligently studying the words to find out what kind of a person Moroni was. And through that I may better learn his doctrine and what God is trying to communicate to me.

This is how I show my love and respect for the Lord. How do you show yours?

I hope you all have a GREAT day and strive to be better disciples of the Lord!!! I Love you all!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)


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