Good feelings all around ^^


This week has been an amazing start to a new transfer. On Tuesday My companion went to Mission Leader Conferce in GwangJu. On the day of MLC I had the chance to go on split. It was great to be able to take full control of the senior responsibilites. From this I was able to gain confidence in my knowledge of the area. I realized that I missed having senior days that I had with sister Deus.Those type of days help me to progress and use my knowledge that I have learned thus far.

On Sunday our second counselor told us to drop the investigators that weren’t progressing. So we dropped 3. On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to gain 3 more! The simplest things come from obedience and diligence.
So on Wednesday we had a wonderful day. We met with two new investigators. One is Sister Yang YuJung. She has been meeting with the Sangdang sisters for 3 months. But she lives in our area. So we finally met her with a member. we shared our conversion stories and testimonies of the book of Mormon.
The other woman was a referral from the Sang Dang bishop. He met her on the street and shared his testimony of the church and mentioned the book of Mormon. She has been attending different churches for a year but non have felt right. She knows God exists and that he loves her. She says that if she didn’t know that He loved her she wouldn’t have waited all this time or kept looking. She has great curiosity for the Book of Mormon.
We shared our conversion stories and it was very spiritual. we asked her to read the Book of Mormon 소개 and invited her to come to church. She wasn’t able to come, but she called and said sorry and will meet with us this week.
As with all blessings and good things. Satan attacks!  The very next day two investigators dropped us and our last appointment wasnt home!! What else could go wrong! But we were still happy and found other things to fill our time.
We had an amazing and very spiritual Zone conference on Friday. President Shin told us specifically that he could feel a great spirit in our Zone and he could feel that great things were coming. Now all we need to to be obedient and work hard and see those feelings realized.
Thank you for your prayers! I love you!!! Have a good week!! WRITE ME!!!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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