7th Transfer ~ Woah…


So it was the beginning of a new transfer. What’s new? Well an Elder left Heung-duk area and 2 elders came in! So we have a trio in the ward! One is Elder Jensen who I have already served with, and a Korean elder! Party! Also a new Zone Leader and a new sister in my house! (Previous 2 serve in Sang-Dang-Gu which is the other half of Cheong-Ju City) So fun stuff, new people.

Last Tuesday for District meeting we showed to each other our 비유 (bi-yu)’s. Or in other words out parables/object lessons. I learned some new tricks ^^ Then we said good bye to the 3 missionaries transferring and such things.
On Wednesday we were meeting a member at the church before we went out to eat. But befoe she arrived we met a crying woman at the door to our church. Long story short, our member talked to her and encouraged her and it turns out she is a former investigator! So hopefully there is some potential there.
On Friday we met with our friend Coco. We were finally able to teach her a real lesson. Because of the language barrier we end up teaching through REALLY simple English and pictures. So I was happy with that meeting.
The real crazy event of the week was our investigator Sister Lee HyeonJung. Not really on her part, but on our understanding of her. The Elder’s have a really AMAZING investigator who has learned all the lessons and is so knowledgeable that they have resulted to reading the white handbook with him! (he just wants time to decide before he makes the decision to be baptized) Well through him, we learned about our investigator. She is honestly just interested in English. I feel that it is not clear to her that we teach 30 minutes English and 30 minutes gospel. not 55/5. We also learned that there is so much to religion, that she is scared and doesn’t know where to begin. Please pray for her and for us so we can know what to do to help her ^^
This week I have been focusing on Preach My Gospel. There is so much to learn. It is my Transfer goal to re read the whole thing and do an activity from each chapter. Next week (or each week) I hope I have something insightful to share with you!
My time is short, so I love you and hope you have a great week!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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