Miracle Week – 기적하는 주

Miracle Week – 기적하는 주

Sister Kinikini was right ^^ This week was a miracle week. The small miracles that really count… At Sister Oh’s house we taught the kids about Faith. The children were really able to involve their mom! Sister Oh is so cute! For Korean Thanksgiving, they went to Everland. Everland is a theme park not far from my area (but not in my mission boundaries so I cant go on P-day) but it is a place I plan to visit eventually! So Sister Oh brought back a Korean and an English brochure for me! She told me I can use it to study Korean 😛

On Tuesday at District meeting we made the goal to receive one referral per companionship from a member. Our referrals have been slacking lately. So to keep the encouragement up we would text the district when we received such referral. Sister Kinikini and I were slow to get ours, but MIRACLE! we received two on the very last day of the week. BLESSINGS!!  On top of getting referrals, we were able to teach alot this week! Stats are going up, but more importantly, we are finding people to teach and our investigators are progressing!
This week we visited a lot of less active members and active members and made a lot of appointments for the next week. I’m so excited! We also surprise visited a previous investigator. Her husband didn’t want her to join a different church. She had a baptism date and everything! When we visited, she wasn’t home, but her husband was! We talked to him for a while and he was really friendly and nice! Sister Kinikini had never met him before! MIRACLE!
On Wednesday we went to JoChiWon and met a new investigator! She’s 23 and SUPER great at English! And she has heard bad and good things about our church, but she decided to find out for herself. So often it happens that people hear about our church, and hear the FALSE rumor that it is a cult and ignore us. But Sweet Sister Choi HyeonMin accepted our Book of Mormon and said that she would try to read it and find out for herself^^ MIRACLE!
Then on Thursday we meet our lovely Sister Coco. We had a member come with us who knows Chinese. We talked a bit about priesthood blessings. It was also Coco’s birthday so her friend came over too! Her friend is Chinese and knows both Korean and English! TRILINGUAL!!! Amazing and super nice. We had a great member lesson and made an appointment for next week! We also received a referral from the Elders. Our new friend is Mckayla and she is completely fluent! And she is an elementary teacher so we have some common interest ^^
On Friday we met with two AMAZING members and tried to find out how we can strengthen their faith.We used the “Becoming Perfect in Christ” article that I mentioned last time. WONDERFUL! and the members fed us well^^ As always.
On Saturday at English class we talked to a potential investigator named Sister Kim BoRa. She became believing in Christ 3 years ago, but then suddenly attended a church in Korea called ShinChunJi. They ARE a cult and they believe that God’s wife is in Korea and that in like 70 years or so, earth will become heaven and this Korean woman will rule. “New earth New sky” kind of stuff… its crazy. Long story short, Sister Kim BoRa was bothered by them after she stopped attending. Now she is back to believing in Christ and God and wants to find the truth. MIRACLE!  I love her!
Sunday was completely crazy! We talked with many members. Church was inspirational! And we visited a member who gave us two referrals! and then we met an investigator who is SO cute and fun. Anyways, just a really great week! And now I’m about to head off to the Bathhouse… WOOT! and today another AMAZING FUN FHE with Sister Oh’s family!
Wish us luck! Pray for Sister Lee HyunJung to come to church next week! And for Kim BoRa to have interest to meet with us! Thank you for your help and prayers! GOD LOVE YOU ALL!!!! And me too! Saranghaeyo!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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