I have no idea what to title this…

I have no idea what to title this…
The weeks containing Korean Thanksgiving day and the Lunar New Year are always a bit slow and low on stats and many investigators cant meet. It’s all quite sad, but Sister Kinikini has claimed this coming week as miracle week! I’m not sure where it came from or why or what it means in our efforts entirely, but I’m just jumping on board with her and giving it my all! Today is p-day, but tonight we have two appointments and we are going to do our best!
I have told you about our lovely part member family that we do FHE with right? Well we ARE going to get the children’s mother involved this time! She can learn to! And we hope that if she sees her kids having fun with learning we can get them out to church! And get them involved in church activities ^^
Each week at district meeting we have a “role play” section where, randomly drawn out of a hat, a certain companion ship teaches a lesson. first week 1st lesson, second week 2nd lesson and so on. Sister Kinikini and I haven’t had the opportunity to teach yet, but as we have prepared for each lesson, I have found good and neat ways to teach each lesson! It’s so fun! And I was honestly bummed that I didn’t get to teach the 3rd lesson! But luckily for me, a lot of our investigators need to hear the 3rd lesson. So there we go!
This week we met with a new investigator. Her name is Sister HyeonJung Lee. She is very VERY talkative and just wants to learn English. Really… ONLY English. I was a bit scared at first because the first second we started talking about religion, she stated her belief (It’s strong and in God and she KNOWS) but then she shut down completely. We concluded that she is a girl of freedom and no rules or responsibility. And religion requires responsibility. On Saturday, for Stake Conference, we met her at a cafe and walked to our church. When she saw where we were going, she fought us! We literally had to pull and drag her upstairs to the meeting. Once inside, she sat nicely and even cried as the youth sang “I Know My Redeemer Lives”. WE GOT THROUGH TO HER! Last night we were able to get a TINY bit more out of her on the topic of religion. She feels as if she has no room for it. She wants to go to America and therefore she needs to learn English. And she can ONLY learn English. Not religion at the same time. Yesterday she promised to come to church next week. If she does, all goes well. If she doesn’t we plan to lay down our law and let her know that as missionaries we cannot ONLY teach English. We have a duty to our leaders and to God to share this gospel. So if she comes to church and we can have Gospel discussions, then we can keep teaching her English. I think that this will work out well! She has the love of God inside her. She just needs to recognize that it’s there.
As for Coco, yesterday was brilliant. Her English is improving and we were able to communicate without the use of a translating device. Together we read Alma 32 and I, through SUPER simple English and drawing explained that a seed is like our faith. Her testimony is strong and I love her knowledge of God. We want to extend to her a priesthood blessing to ease her pain and stress because of her body. And we also want to help her see that baptism can be done because it is God’s way. Through God there is always a way.
On Friday we visited a member in a place called JoChiWon! It has many members. It is like DangJin in my old area, except it’s not a city, just an “eup”… haha anyways. The goal eventually is to get investigators there so that we can create a JoChiWon Branch!!! YEAH! AWESOMENESS! So that day we put up our super cute English ads! YEAH! (file included^^)
So this week was busy but great!! I hope you all can have a great week as well!!! BYE I Love you!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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