Korean Thanksgiving Day 오늘 추석인데!


So as you might have heard, today is 추석 (chu-suk) AKA the Korean Thanksgiving day. BUT Not at all the same celebration. Shortly, 추석 is a day where Koreans go to the house of the eldest son and his wife prepares absurd amounts of food for everyone to eat. But BEFORE they eat it, they pull away a small part of each food and then together as a giant family, travel to the grave sight and put the food around the ancestor’s grave and bow to the ancestors. Then they eat that food for the ancestors and return home to eat all of the rest of the food. So basically it’s nicknamed Korean Thanksgiving Day because of the food… I think it’s closer to memorial day with LOADS of food. 

But as Korean becomes more and more distant from culture, 추석 has become simply a vacation holiday where students get a week off school! And for our members, we have a different view on the deceased so therefore there is no bowing and such things… This day is the other Korean Holiday similar to Lunar New Years/설날(seol-nal). It’s is HUGE and EVERYTHING is closed today!!! YAY So it is really hard to have appointments today so we get to stay inside! And as a district we are going to study together!!!! (Unless you were lucky enough to get invited to spend 추석 with someone) So Sister Kinikini and I are hanging out in the church today! YEAH! We’re going to play ping-pong, and play piano, and I’m going to draw, and we brought food, and we are going to MAKE Bing-su!!! (The heavenly Korean ice-cream dessert(I figured out how to make 팟=redbean)) THAT’S MY PLAN!!!! But as for my week… A Beautiful miracle occurred…
On Monday we went to Sister Oh JungAh’s house. She is our investigator and her kids as well. I created a super complex game to act out the Plan of Salvation. The kids had SO much fun and remembered everything!! So next time I’m going to write stories for each principle of the gospel and give them good questions. They are good at English, so I can use my teaching skill with them. And while I help them learn, Sister Kinikini talks to their mom and tries to get her involved in their theater type of thing that I do. Does that sound confusing? Just know that it’s SUPER fun!! And they learn well. YEAH!
I got a lot of phone talking practice this week!! This area is SUPER old for sisters. The house is about 20 years old… So this last week we have been tackling the phone… AH!!! We have been calling every number in it when we don’t have appointments. Almost 1000 numbers?? It’s nuts! YEAH KOREAN!!!
We met someone new this week! Her name is Coco. She is Chinese. She doesn’t know any Korean. She ALSO doesn’t know any English… But like my companion always says, “She [Coco] speaks by the spirit of God” I’m not sure how to describe how we communicate, but we do. Through many different ways. And we are able to understand her needs and learn things about her. She told us yesterday (Sunday) that she wants to come to church! She misunderstood that our church meetings were in the morning on Sunday. But hopefully next week! And we have a couple members who know Chinese so we are working on getting a member lesson with Coco. She has a skin problem, and we don’t know the story, but all we do know is that showering is hard for her and it is really bad for her to stay in water too long. So when we found out she wants to be baptized, but cant, we were saddened. She is in Korea for treatment. So pray for her to be healed so that she can follow God and be baptized! 
In pre-추석 partying, we were invited over for dinner last night with the Elders. What an AMAZING dinner to end a fast Sunday! And the Bishops wife gave us some of the food to take home! Including the BEST CHEESE Dukbokki I have ever eaten in my life!!!!! But I didn’t over fill myself, so I was actually hungry at 9:30 ish… so I ate cereal and then didn’t leave enough milk for cereal this morning… ah missionary dilemmas… 

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