Member missionary work! 하라!


I have met many new people this week!! It’s been so fun! Every Monday night, Sister Kinikini and I go to Sister Oh JungAh’s house and teach her kids about Book of Mormon stories in English. She is our investigator, but her husband is a Less active member. Her children are so good at English!

On Tuesday we went to Daejeon for a leadership meeting. from 10 am to 4 pm I was studying, eating, street contacting, and talking with 3 other Korean sisters. Those hours were the BEST language practice I’ve ever had! I learned new words and I found out home much I can actually understand! Woot! It was soo fun! Afterwards we returned to Chung-ju and visited a member who is wonderful and fed us food and made Bing-Su!!!! And now I know how to make it when I get home^^
Every Thursday here we have a Ping Pong class run by a member who is AMAZING! It is a class where we can bring our investigators and such. We received a member referral that day and they are quite interested in the gospel!! We are so excited to begin meeting her. He name is Sister Han YoonJi and her daughter is Kim Yewon. Super cute!!! (Her daughter is 12)
Friday was Zone Conference and I learned a lot of wonderful stuff about working with members and how to get them to work well with us, the missionaries. There is a particular video which says that members should be the driving force in the work of salvation, not the missionaries. The Missionaries are just a tool in the work. In Korea, this is one of the hardest things in missionary work. Members, and Koreans in general, claim to by busy and other such things. I don’t believe that they are anymore busy then people in America! There are many factors to why member-missionary work is so difficult here, but the main reason I have heard alot is because Korea is still in it’s pioneer age… The church is so small and unknown that it is hard to start a basis. A member here has to work ten times harder here just to stand up for there own religion. On top of it all, Korea is near the top in having the most church sects in the world, in just one country. So one church has to fight a long time just to become know. And with all the churches around, our church is easily slid into the category of “iee-dan” Or “cult”. It’s a sad thing, but that is why I am here! To let people know that we DONT worship Joseph Smith! WE ARE CHRISTIAN!  
Anyways… I know you all know how to do member-missionary work. You are NOT in a place where the church is at a pioneer stage. Most of you who read this email live in Utah! The foundation of it all! So please, watch a couple videos on member-missionary work and get inspired! There is SO much out there to do!!! And some of it can be work on your own family, or those who has left the church. There is always hope!! Member missionary work does miracles! I know it works! And it is the BEST way to achieve the hopes of God, for ALL of his children to follow Him!
We have been fortunate here in my Zone to be receiving member referrals at a steady healthy pace as of late. The work is picking up in Chung-ju, where as just at the beginning of this year, the members had no faith in missionaries as a whole. We are just starting to pick it up again! So pray for us and to gain the trust that the members need, and pray for your own small miracles! Pray to God for help thinking of that one friend who might need the Light of Hope in their life. 
Well, have a great week! I love you all THANKS BYE

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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