A New Area!

I have been blessed in so many ways that I cant even count. There is a talk that our mission president gave us when we came to Korea entitled “A Consecrated Missionary” I’m sure some of you have heard of it before. It is truly an amazing message, especially as I strive to do the best work I can. Over these first few days in Heung-duk I have come to realize that all the hard trials I went through and all the lessons I learned in my first area was able to prepare me for this new stage of missionary life. 
My companion is amazing! She is strictly obedient to the rules and standards of missionary life. I have never had such a spiritual feeling so constantly with me before. She is teaching me merely by example and God is blessing me to learn and grow as I watch her every move. I am so impressed and I hope I can learn well from her and be a great missionary in the eyes of God. I am a consecrated missionary of the Lord. I know it and I can feel it as I walk the streets each day.
A short experience I had yesterday… We have an investigator who is Presbyterian. She believes so strongly and in things that are so different than what we believe, yet so similar. I was able to share my knowledge with her in such a way that not only brought the spirit, but made her question her Church’s beliefs, if only for a minute. 
One thing that stood out to me was her belief that all children are born in sin because of Adam’s sin. She repeatedly said that “Fish out of water, that is sin” because we are all put into what is bad an unnatural. I thought “Well fish are born in water…” witty, but not needed. But I want to bear my testimony about sin and how Adam and Eve’s choice was not bad or evil in any way. God knows everything and it was his plan all along for Satan to tempt Adam and Eve. We are God’s children and He loves us and expects us to be responsible for our own sins and not sins of others. 
ANYWAYS! Have a nice day!!! I love you all!! Im super short on time! BYE

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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