Transfers… finally! ^^ 흥덕

I'm holding a grasshopper!

I’m holding a grasshopper!

This is Bing Su!

This is Bing Su!

This week has been a bit crazy! Everyone knows that I’m leaving Seosan so many people want to eat together one last time 🙂 And Sister Deus and I found a new bakery! YUM!
Just so you all know, my new area is 흥덕!!!  Heung-Duk. It is a four sister House!!! And it’s an OLD OLD HOUSE haha But it’s a city!!! So I’m happy!!! I’ll tell you more about it next week.
This week we met with Sister Park JuYeon. We headed into her house, ready to ask her if we can meet her husband or perhaps she could talk to her husband and let him know that she is meeting with us. The first thing she brought up was how her husband doesn’t know about us meeting and that she plans on telling him tomorrow! (Saturday) Isn’t that great! I really hope it works out for her and she is able to talk to him and open his mind about our church and our gospel. She then proceeded to tell us that not only does her husband come home at a good time for a family and not only does he cook for her often, but that he has never smoked or drunk alcohol in his life BECAUSE of his church!!! Her husband is truly a prepared person. Please pray for her husband to be open and willing to meet with us! She is a great woman and very diligent in her family and in her marriage^^
This week me also met with Sister Lee EunJung. We went to the mart and bought things like flour and measuring cups… and WE MADE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!! This is a miracle in Korea! No one bakes here! Even if they have an oven! (A TINY oven at that) So the cookies were delicious and reminded us of America. and they also reminded how I used to eat too many in a few hours and how I would always feel yucky after… and then I was slightly scared to go back to America next year because I’m being healthy here… 😦
On Saturday we went to SulBing. It is a desert cafe near our church. It specializes in BingSu which is shredded ice with Red Beans and sugary things^^ Look up pictures!! haha It might not look very good but I assure you that it’s the best dessert in the world!!! Even better than my mother’s brownies…. SORRY MOM!!! ❤ but I tried a new one that doesn’t have the beans in it, and it was BETTER!!!!! Bing Su is the BIGGEST desert in Korea and It’s super popular in the summer. So we went there with two 20 year old college students. It wasn’t very expensive! (Which is a shock for a cafe in Korea) and they gave me small gifts and SUPER cute notes because I’m leaving!!! They are SOOO Cute!!! And One of them thought my name was Jeson… ^^
So some things that I learned yesterday… Our ward mission leader said “It’s great to be friends, but it’s better to be united God’s rules and in His gospel” He told a story about his mission where we was a few minutes later getting home and he felt horrible. So he and his companion prayed and repented and they asked for help to get home on time so that they could follow EVER rule. They next night the same situation arose and they parked and ran into their home with only there planners because they didn’t have time to grab the other things if they wanted to be in the house at 9 on the dot. So he emphasized following the rules and not just being friends and letting each other slide by. I know from experience, I have a better, more spiritual, more enriched day if I wake up on time and if I work out for my full 30 minutes.
I especially love Jeffrey R Holland’s quote “Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come.” Because I have been in Seosan for so abnormally long, it’s been a journey to see the blessings come from it. And I know there have been many, and I know that as soon as I go to another area, I will greatly see the blessings from THOSE experiences in Seosan and with Sister Deus. I heard that you must recognize the reason why God sends you where you are. But I often think, why me? What can I don in this area? How am I blessing the people by being here? But often Sister Deus says she is thankful for how much I have changed and impacted her. And even if that was my only reason, I am grateful for just her! 
Well everyone, I hope you have a great Sunday or what ever day it is when you’re reading this 😛 I love you all! And God Loves you!!! Be sure to be thankful for all the things you are given and know your purpose for doing what you’re doing now or where you are. You can make a difference!!!!!

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