Urgency! 기반감

This week was a rush! I don’t remember half of what we did… I can give you an update on the weather though… Korea’s rainy season is supposed to be the end of June. But SURPRISE! No rain came until mid July… abnormal apparently (And apparently last summer was SUPER HUMID and this last winter was not as cold as it should have been). So the rain finally came. And It’s still coming. But when it’s not raining… HUMIDITY KILLS ME! Our house is 29 degrees!!!! I CANT TAKE IT. When I walk to a members house, I enter feeling like I just went swimming… THAT is how much I’m sweating! Sorry 😛 All that keeps me sane and helps me endure is the gospel, and my purpose as a missionary ^^ Haha and the fact that it will ALL be over at the end of September which is right around the corner. Then I get coldness and all my cute clothes with stylish layers come out! YAY WINTER!!! I always loved winter ❤
My Mission President gave the mission a new goal or mindset. Urgency. Urgency in the work. Members don’t have the urgency we missionaries need because they are here for a long time. They LIVE here… So we need to push them to do mission work better and faster. We have drilled into our mind at the beginning of each transfer, that we are only here for a small amount of time. We need to gain the trust and respect as FAST as we can in order to get mission work done in the best way and in the best time. So an acronym we were told about is the new FHE…
I’m not sure how it replaces the real FHE because the two aren’t related, but… It’s a good acronym. (don’t expect me to use it in my email much though) good stuff huh?
This last Wednesday was Sister Deus’s year mark in Korea and my “Hump” day (half-way through the mission) So on Thursday with a member, we burned some things! It was SUPER FUN! and I breathed in a lot of smoke, but SO FUN!! I will send pictures next week ^^
This week we met with a 46 year old woman named Sister Choi . She is friends with our investigator Sister Lee EunJung. She has a son in 6th grade who we are teaching English to. His pronunciation is AMAZING!!! She and her family are Buddhist and not very open with meeting missionaries, but they are willing to try it. The first time meeting with them was great! So I think it will be okay 🙂 We also have two other investigators who are 1st year college students! We meet with them together and they are learning English. BUT they are also reading the Book of Mormon so well!! And the progress is amazing!! We think one of them is beginning to become interested in the gospel! But they haven’t come to church yet, so we will see! Our other investigator Sister Park JuYeon read the chapter we asked her to read… And the next three chapters!! Seeing as her husband is a bit against our Church, I think her reading the Book of Mormon is a great beginning to her and maybe his conversion as well. I hope she can enjoy it as much as I do and find a testimony of God through reading. It is the first thing she needs because she doesn’t yet believe that God exists. I wonder if I can ask everyone who has time, to pray for those reading the Book of Mormon everywhere! Because as soon as they take that first step and read sincerely, I know that they will find the truth within those pages! I know the Book of Mormon is God’s word and if it is His word, then Joseph smith is a true prophet of God. And if he is a true Prophet, then our church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of the Earth, for we are the only church who has this true and holy added word of God on top of the Bible! I believe it all! And I hope you can to!!
THANK YOU everyone and I love you all!!! Keep progressing in any and every way possible!! Keep up the good habits and improve the ones that aren’t up to standard. CONSTANT PROGRESSION!!!!! (Today is a good day) BYE!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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