Small miricles can change lives ^^

Small miricles can change lives ^^
Hmm… what happened this week?? Near home and near a mart that we shop for food at, is a little clothing stand shack. Each time I have passed I have had a feeling that I want to go there. But sadly time has not been available. But last Monday we were able to go and take a look at the clothes. Nothing in particular that I wanted, but I felt the urge to stay and browse a little longer. Not long after I found something, the owner lady came out and talked to us. She had many questions for us about who we are and where we came from. (Everyone in Korea thinks I’m french…) She invited me to try on the dress and then invited us to stay and chat for a while as well as buy us strawberry smoothies!! I see great potential in this 40 something year old woman. She was completely interested in our church, and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon!! A small miracle, but a miracle nonetheless! 🙂
With our other two ladies that we are teaching, it has been going well! The first is Sister Park JuYeon. She didn’t know too much about our church before but she has wanted to attend for some time! Though because I told you last time, her husband thinks we are a cult, not much progression is available to her until we can meet with her husband and get her out to church. But she even wanted to attend when she thought we worshiped Joseph Smith!!! We corrected her and let her know that he is just a mortal man and that he is special, but we do not worship him. She had some serious dedication! Now that she knows the truth a little better, maybe we can get her to share it with her husband. We gave her a Book of Mormon as well and she says she cannot wait to read it!! We are going to give her the picture version too for her 3 year old daughter too… even though the words are a bit complex… 🙂
The other woman we meet with is Sister Lee EunJung. She hasn’t had much time because she works crazy hours, but each time we meet together we have good conversation. In particular, last Saturday she came home from a 11 hour shift at 10 in the morning about. She was so tired she planned on cancelling our appointment. But when she read our text message, she was touched and felt like she still needed to meet with us. Because of her work she has felt like she has no personal time or any time for her son. She’s had thoughts of getting a new job before, but ever since we started meeting with her, she has had those thought more than ever before. I can see the Lord working in her life and pushing her toward a better option so that she has time for herself and for her family.
This week was exciting, but not as busy as it usually has been. The weeks are winding down and I am seeing my time in Seosan left and it’s too short! I love all the members here and I can actually speak to them now so I’m even more sad!!! But all will be okay because we believe in God and Jesus Christ! I know that They live and that They are here for me when I am sad or in pain! I hope you can all strengthen your faith and continue to follow the words of the lord!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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