We blame Zone Meeting… 취속한 약속 많아요 :(


This last week has flown by!! Sister Deus and I started the first day of the transfer last week… we were sooo bored on P-day! There is nothing to do is SeoSan! And I feel super lazy on P-day if I do nothing… But we had a great FHE that night playing Jenga and getting a little closer to the Branch members ^^ On Tuesday we went to a city called OnYang, which is close to Cheonan… And had Zone conference. It was fun to see all the new people. Every single missionary in my Zone is different than when I first came except for one Elder and one Sister… ALL DIFFERENT!! I’ll be next 🙂 Anyways, some fun interesting facts about my mission… about 17 missionaries are leaving in August, then another 8 in September and another 6 in November and another 12 in December… We are loosing SO MANY! Our mission went from 160 when I got here to 125 at the end of this transfer! We receive 12 Greenies next transfer… but the hook is, only 2 are Sisters… and Korean Sisters at that… (Only 2 Korean sisters came in a week ago) So basically the Sisters in my mission are going down Down and DOWN! If I ever train, it will be only once because there aren’t any sisters coming!!!! (Sister Deus and I think all the 4 sister areas will need to be moved down to 2!!) So craziness aside, I’m loving my mission. New ideas are forming over night, and new things are being put into place. It’s all a bit crazy, but I enjoy it.

A couple quotes from my mission president”

“I think a baptism in Seosan is equal to 3 or 4 baptisms in Chumdan” WOOT! Chumdan is the BIG baptising area in my mission soo… this is happy thoughts… but I haven’t had one, so I’m sure none is equal to none anywhere… 😦 We’re trying though!

“You are writing your resume every day” Every single thing you do in your life, little or big, impacts your spiritual resume and your earthly resume. We must try to act as though every thought an action counts and is permanent! Because it is! God remembers all.

PS: We finally got a fan in our house… We have had no Air conditioning this WHOLE summer!!!! AH!!!!

This week was a bit sad, almost all of our appointments canceled on us 😦 We were able to stay busy and find things to fill the time. But it wasn’t a very productive week. I hope next week will be better! Wish us luck this next week! And I will think of something better to share too… I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매 (jen-seun ja-mae)


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