Unexpected Blessings

This week ended quite interestingly… But first what I did DURING the week! On Tuesday we cooked meat on the roof!! The roof of a memers Apartment that is! We met one of her friends again and talked about lot’s of random things including how my feet are too big to find shoes in korea… IM SO SAD! And then she gave Sister Deus SUPER cute shoes!!!! IM SO JEALOUS! (they arent missionary shoes though… so I’m not jealous anymore 😛 Anyways, yummy delicious food and some great conversation on a roof. You might be pictureing a pretty view, but Seosan is pretty smoggy and dirty. i hardly ever see the blue sky :(too close to seoul I guess)
On Wednesday we visited a lady named Sister Lee EunJung. She is wonderful and gorgeous! She came to our english class once and called us a few days after and said she is curious about why we are in Korea and wants to meet with us. We teach her English, but she is fairly interested in gospel too! She has a nine year old son and her husband died a couple years ago. Since then she hasnt diligently attended any church. But nontheless we invited her on Saturday and she came to sacrament meeting!! She really enjoyed it and we think she might be open to coming nxt week too!
So why was this week interesting? Are you still wondering? Well about four months ago, the Seosan Elders started teaching a man named Lee GangSam. He happened to be a preacher for a different church, BUT he attended our church nearly every week too… ?? Weird. He explained that he was interested in our beliefs, but because the other church was his job, he didnt want to leave it. He’d heard all the lessons, but he wasn’t letting go of the other church, so the Elders stopped teaching him. About a month or so ago, he came to Stake Conference and my Mission President asked him why he wasnt baptised yet!! He stopped coming to church after that.
Then last week he showed up to church. I noticed he looked a bit thiner and quieter. Our Branch President sat by him during Sunday school and talked to him. Yet again, someone asked why he hasnt been baptised. He expressed that after President Shin asked the same question, he thought about it and pondered why he wasnt yet baptised. So Branch President, with the Elders, taught a 3 hour lesson after church. And on Friday he had his baptismal interview, and yesterday was his baptism. Sister Deus and I didnt even know!  So it shocked us both.
I didnt nessesarily think he was ready. but his testimony at his baptism was heartfelt and I am thankful he finally acted on all his knowledge that he gained while being taught our beliefs. I have seen three baptisms in Seosan now, each person taught by the Elders. But I want the next person baptised in Seosan to be someone I know personally, someone I really love! Sister Lee EunJung is accepting and I hope she can progress well! So pray for her and for us to tteach her well!
Thanks for the prayers and support! I know the work is really going well all around the world! But there is always something more we can do!!! 감사합니다!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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