Best Week Ever ^ – ^


This week was crazy! Last p-day we had lunch with one of our investigators at an AMAZING restaurant named Abokadu. It’s special for Pork Cutlet, which is honestly one of my favourite foods in Korea. It’s super expensive… (BUT IT HAS ICE CREAM!) Then after eating she asked us if  we had any plans. Because it was P-day we had none… So she took us to the beach! And I ate some fried shrimp that we ended up just giving to the Elders once we were home. 

On Tuesday we yet again took a visit to DangJin. We met with a lady who got a little too excited and called her 27 year old son in order to tell him she had two young American girls for him to meet… She told us about how rich he was and how big his house is and proceeded to give the phone to Sister Deus so they could ‘plan a date’. People here in Korea want us to marry their sons all the time… It’s scary. But no one has gone as far as telling him to come meet us! She even told him that in order to date us he has to get baptized though, because we’re missionaries.
On Wednesday we met with a woman from Africa who is 56. She came here for a long reason I cant explain, but ended up staying more than 3 years because she got diagnosed with Cancer 😦 And as soon as she was going to leave again, and had bought her plane tickets, she got diagnosed AGAIN. It was interesting to meet her and hear her story. We don’t plan on meeting her again, because her religious background is very solid, but it was a nice experience. And then that night I got sick… So we went home to rest 😛
The next day I got a blessing from the Elders and now I am well and on my feet again. 🙂
On Friday we met with Sister Heo. She took us to a friends house to eat lunch with him. He is a painter… For lunch we went to a seafood place… I may like cooked oysters and SOME fish now… but seafood is not going down… So I almost threw up… ITS ALL GOOD THOUGH! I DIDN’T THROW UP! And then back at his house, he introduced us to a new fruit!! We picked it from a tree and got to take some home! It’s called Boree fruit^^ It’s sour… so I love it. 
GUESS WHAT I DID ON SATURDAY!!!! KATHY DAY!!! We went to the AMAZING meat buffet that I went to 2 times in my first transfer. We taught her some Korean and we walked around the Lake Park by the church. An easy relaxed day. Therefore, this weekend is just one giant party! Friday we talked with an AWESOME Korean woman all day! Then Kathy came!! And then I spoke in church on Sunday as well as taught Gospel Principles class. Everyone is saying goodbye to me as if it’s for sure that I’m leaving! AND today I get to wear pants ALL day and have a picnic!!! 재미있겠다!
So that is the extent of my week. Thanks for reading all my crazy times!! It’s JULY tomorrow!! Can you believe it!! Time flies! Soon it will be November and I can mark a year gone!!! Wish me luck today as I find out where I’m going!! I will email about it next week!! I love you all!!! BYE!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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