I met a 스님

Well I’ve just finished the 4th week (of 6) in this transfer… Where did the time go? Five weeks left until I hit my ‘half-way” mark on my mission… IM SO CONFUSED! I talk to Elders that are hitting their year mark in Korea, and do the whole Visa thing, and I think “wow, I’m going home at the same time as you?” WHY!!!!!!! I’m finally at a good stage where I’m enjoying everything I do. And I know what I’m doing. Why does it have to be over so soon? My time in Seosan is almost up to… crazy to think that I have been here over five months now…
So my week went like this: Monday the missionaries in Seosan and Dangjin decided to play BANG again for 5 hours… my hands got tired of holding cards…It was also one of the Elder’s birthday, so we ate expensively 😛 SHABU HOLI!!!! WOOT! On Wednesday we went to Dangjin and met a woman named Kang Young-Hi. She is very very nice and we were invited back again! A sad thing is that 3 of our investigators have become former investigators. Two of which were investigators when I arrived in Seosan. They just haven’t had time for the last few months. And the woman Choi KangWeon was trying to hide us meeting from her husband, so that was a bit herd to work out. But we still have a total of 8 investigators! Which is AMAZING compared to my first two transfers!
On Friday Sister Deus and I went to a Buddhist Temple with our investigator Heo NamChoon. It was 2 hours of religious talk!!! I was so lost… but I enjoyed it and ate some good fruit and funky expensive yellow tea… We were also able to meet a female monk! Literally the only thing she cant do is eat meat… She has electricity and a phone and can do what ever she wants. It was so interesting. I thought Monk’s had more restrictions than that. Then that night we met another NEW investigator!!! Sister Son SeoHyeon!  She is a wedding planner and creative designer. She is 26 and super gorgeous!! She wants to learn English, but she accepted a Book of Mormon already!! We’re excited to teach her!
On Tuesday I learned a lot from District Meeting. Here is a quote… “If you think of feel that you have plateaued or arrived, you’re wrong. Because in missionary work there is NEVER an arrival. We are never finished. We are never done. We can always grow.” I’m not sure who said it… or if it was an apostle.. hehe but it was good. It made me think about my progress and how I can understand a mighty portion of everything that is said lately! And I think “I’ve made it! I can understand!” But really, I can always be better and progress. Even if I became fluent, because even in English I can learn new words! I also learned that EXTRAordiany Faith consists of two things… What are they? What do you need to DO in order to increase in such ways? Prayer and works. EXTRAordinary prayer, and EXTRAordinary works. God is just waiting to bless us once we do those two things. We can all work on them every day.  So that is my spiritual thought for today. I hope we can all work for EXTRAordinary Faith!  Have a good day!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)
PS: The next time I email is the same day I get my transfer call. But the catch is, our Mission President is having my Zone and the neighbor Zone meet together in Cheonan (AGAIN) and he will give us our ‘calls’ in person… I’m not sure how it will work, but there must be a reason, right? So maybe some epic changes? Anyways, what that means for you is that you have to wait until next NEXT Sunday for my email about my (maybe) new area and I will already be IN it by then… so I can tell you EVERYTHING! Okay… BYE

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