I love kimchi! 김치 좋아해요! 진짜!


This week has been amazing!! First, the dumb stuff… I’m Getting SO TAN!!! (The picture is from like a week ago! So it’s better. I’m THAT color all over!!) And my nails are long and healthy and that makes me happy ^-^ And my legs are real muscly… hehehe And basically I’m just healthy! WOOT! Except for the occasional allergy in the morning and I think I’m allergic to 참외! (cham-way) Its a fruit that looks like a small yellow melon. Well it basically does the same thing that kiwi does… except that I survive ^_^
Now the real stuff… On Monday, as Seosan missionaries, we played ping pong like ALL p-day. In Korea, basically every church has a ping pong table… our church has two… 😛 I got taught how to play WELL and so now I’m p-r-e-t-t-y good. So good day. And then we visited a less active who gave us that yellow melon… hence I couldn’t breath all night, day, and night again… I slept sitting up 😦  On Tuesday We did the usual and we had a lesson with Sister Kim DoYeon. Her kimchi fridge wasn’t working and she was stressed out, so not as much of a lesson as we just comforted her and Sister Kim HyeHwa helped her fix it. After the lesson we had an AMAZING DINNER!!! of meat and bean sprouts and kimchi and rice that you use your hands to put into a lettuce leaf and shove into your mouth. I forget what it’s called, but its honestly my favourite food here in Korea. And it’s just not the same without Kimchi… So nonetheless, I love kimchi now. Especially fried kimchi!!! WOOT
On Wednesday we planned to visit Sister Jung JungHwa, but suddenly in the morning a foreigner called!!! I don’t remember if I told you this, but about a month ago our investigator brought a phone that her husband found on the bus he drives from Gangnam to Seosan. And it was an American Man’s phone. So she brought it to us so we could send an email to let him know. We emailed his own email from his phone and left our phone number for him to call. So he called on Wednesday and we gave him his phone. Sister Deus was so speechless (because he was attractive) that when he said we should find him on facebook and he wants to take us to lunch or something to thank us, she only replied with, “Oh, we don’t use facebook.” I had to add because we’re missionaries… and such. So interesting morning! the rest of the day was followed by taking the wrong bus to a member’s house, getting stressed out, then going to English Class where only two people showed up 😦
On Friday We had a long talk, that didn’t end well. So I called my Sister Leader and then a split was initiated. She and I focused the split on preparing me to be a better help and Senior because that’s the main reason why we had a hard day. Sister Lee JiWoo (Who spent two years in New Zealand and speaks perfect English) came to DangJin with me and we had a good day working on my leadership skills and senior skills, and Korean skills. I learned a lot~She is the coolest Sister Leader! The split ended Saturday night and Sunday was a bust because we had no appointments.
Another reason it has been a good week is because we have set up a lot of appointments for this next week! And if they all turn into investigators, we double our number!! WOOT~~~ So Have a good day all of you!! I love you!!! God loves you!!! I can FEEL IT!!! BYE!

– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)


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