Mission Conference!


(The Omma song that the Sisters sang…)


This week was exciting! Elder D. Todd Christofferson visited the Korea, Deajeon Mission!! WOOT! PARTY! Like I said in my last email, travel was CRAZY! Sister Deus and I were able to save around 19 dollars! Which to a missionary is a bank load! 

But first things first… Family home Evening was eventful last monday. We played musical chairs and it got a little rough between the Young men… but all around okay. Tuesday was immensely busy, as it always is. Tuesday night we learned how to make 떡볶이! (duck-boke-ee) which is a spicy rice cake mix that I cant really explain… look it up ^^ And Sister Kim HyeHwa let us have a grab at her GIANT boxes of Liahonas!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER! Only down side is that they are in Korean, so if I want to use them for spiritual thoughts and such, I have to translate… no biggy. It just takes an extra ten minutes. I’m actually becoming quite adept at translation! 
At English class we talked about Bucket Lists!! We gave each person a worksheet with 1-5 under 5 topics. What do you want to do? What do you want to buy? Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? And who do you want to meet? SUCH a fun subject…
So FRIDAY: We hopped on a bus to Cheonan at 9:15 woo! (hour and 30 minutes) then another bus to CheongJu! (40 minutes) Then a city bus to the church. Heung Deok chapel IS HUGEEEEEE I WANT TO GO TO A CITY SOON!!!! It had pews too!!!! AGH! JEALOUS Combined District meeting was FABULOUS! I learned so much!! Unluckily for you I didn’t bring my notes to email about it 😦 But Our Zone leader set it up to focus on how we need to teach the First lesson well. The trainings were well taught and one Elder compared the aperture and the shutter speed to companionship and how we need to work together. It was great!
After that meeting we had Dos Mas for dinner… Its like Mexican food with Korean salads inside… the cheese and meat is good but…. eh Em not a big fan, nor was I on my 2nd day in Korea… Then we had a choir practice. And then everyone went home. Sister Deus and I went to Cheonan and slept over there. So fun! 8 sisters in a 4 sister house… I got to sleep on a bed!! Well like a spring bedish thing… Not really a mattress… Then we woke up at 4 and Sisters showered and we caught a taxi to the terminal because there were no buses that early and we took a bus to Deajeon and then another taxi to SeonHwa church (Which ALSO has pews!! Darn cities) and I saw all of my Deajeon MTC missionaries! And my trainer! And I saw other people and I saw so many that I don’t know! And I had so much fun sweating in the summer humidity!!! AH! 
Elder Christofferson had us all come up and shake his hand. It was great. We sang a beautiful combination of Arirang and the Omma song (nation Korean folk songs) and Bring the World His truth. We heard the speakers and Elder Christofferson had us ask him questions. So I learned a bit of random things, but all of it was helpful. Then everyone left to the terminal and we ate in the food court there (food I couldn’t down my 2nd day in Korea) and I ATE IT ALLLLL (BAH I LOVE KOREAN FOOD) And then we hopped on a bus back to Seosan and did some missionary work until 9 and my week was up. 
But the best part of my week was two things. One- I felt slow and sluggish after returning from the crazy weekend to normal slow Seosan missionary life. I was a bit depressed after having such a fun an social weekend. And I asked myself why I wasn’t having fun? And My definition of fun wasn’t missionary work. It was the stuff on the side of missionary work that I was enjoying. So I realized that I’m still in the process of loosing myself in the work. I’m still working on forgetting myself and my needs. But at least I’m working on it. 
Two- Elder Christofferson gave us a blessing of increased enlightenment and knowledge and that we would be able to be where we needed to be and do what we needed to do. Sister Deus and I, that very night, spent our last hour or two putting up English ads. At one point an older man asked us what we were doing. He told us “Well if it’s free why are you putting it up on the pole when you can put it on my store!” And he invited us in and gave us free ice cream too!! Whilst in his shop talking to him and his wife and their daughter, several other people came in also. He introduced us to every single one of them and told them to come talk to the foreigners!
His younger sister came in also and we talked to her for a very long time. And at one point she opened up and told us her husband died seven years ago. And when her brother told us to visit her house and to teach her English, she said “They wouldn’t teach me English! They’re in Korea to teach the gospel, they’re missionaries so of course they’ll teach me about that!” sister Deus and I were ecstatic!!!  We got her number and address and she said to call her and though she’s busy she’ll try to make time for us. She lives close too! So Elder Christofferson’s blessing really helped!!! We’re so blessed these days! I’m so glad to be a missionary now!!!!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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