New Transfer!!

It is the start of a new transfer today! Surprise!! I’m still in Seosan!! WAH!!!!! 4th Transfer here, still my greenie area, still with my lovely half trainer Sister Dues, still with crazy Grandma’s telling me that I’m pretty and that I have big eyes… Still in the Country!!! WOOT! My real feelings… Those are all true, but I was trying to keep an open mind about moving or staying. It got a little deep. Seosan is a great place and my companion is great, but sometimes I just want a new start. New people to meet and teach. God is testing me. He is telling me to be patient. So I will strive to work hard and get some good things done in this area. I don’t know why I am still here, but there is obviously a reason! So I am going to find that reason. 
This week we found a new investigator!! It was a good meeting with her. She is in her forties, but she found us as we were walking home and asked if we teach English. (Almost all foreigners do)  She is Buddhist, but Happy to hear about our gospel.
Something interesting I found while reading the Book of Mormon… In Doctrine and Covenants 19:23 it says “Learn of me” but in Korean it says “내게서 배우고…” Which translates to “learn FROM me” Just little interesting things make me think. I bet it does this everywhere in the Korean scriptures…
On Thursday this week we went to DangJin City. We visited the District President and his wife. She took us around with her to deliver yogurts to people and we got to introduce ourselves to many of her costumers. We even got one lady who told us to come back again and visit her!!! I am so excited to go to DangJin now. We used to have a routine and go there every Wednesday and attend the English class there too, but the days became wasted missionary days. So we stopped and now we can use the whole night for good mission work. ^_^ On that day I also tasted 팟빙수 (paht Bing-soo) Paht is Red Bean and bing-soo is shaved ice. With milk and cream it’s very delicious!! And I like Red Bean Bread and all, BUT NEVER AGAIN WILL I EAT RED BEAN SHAVED ICE CREAM STUFF!!!! BLEEEEEEEEEEXCKVHDFH Nastiness… As far as other nasty things go, Sister Deus hates tomatoes. Tomatoes are very popular in the summer. Weet Potatoes and Persimmons are winter foods, Apples are fall, Korean pears and tomatoes are summer fruit… She hates them… I love them, poor her. She refuses to eat spaghetti too just because of the sauce… haha
So this week is a little crazy! At the beginning of every Transfer we have combined District meeting or Zone Conference. Last transfer was combined Zone meeting even!  So because my Zone and the other most northern Zone are together in the musical number for Mission Conference, we are having our Combined District Meetings in the same building. The catch? it’s in Cheong-Joo!! Which costs $15 ONE WAY! So to make it convenient for far away people, the meeting is the day before Mission conference so we get to sleep over somewhere closer so we don’t have to spend as mush money!! YAY FOR BEING CHEAPER!  So instead of spending $30 to get to Cheong-Joo and back and then another $20 to get to and from Daejeon for Mission Conference…. We are spending $15 to get to Cheong-Joo, $10 to get to Deajeon and $8 to get back to SeoSan… yeah!!! $15 less!!!!! Which I will be using for all the food I cant get at home…
Well it’s been a fast week. I welcome my fourth transfer. Today I’m going to watch The Testaments in Korean… Should be so fun!!! Have a good day everyone! Love you all!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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