Integrity 고결성

Hello Everyone! It’s been a good week right? My week has been boring, but had it’s highlights. Monday was another Family Night. But seeing as our Elders were unable to make it back to Seosan in time, we had no control over the Young Men who brought out the Ping-pong table. I was in no objection though 😛 We spent the night teaching the Sister’s some English and letting the Young Men entertain themselves. That day was also had a Senior in high school come to the church to meet us. She had a bit of both English and Gospel interest. He name is Seo NaRae. Beautiful right? We made an appointment with her in the week. Sad thing is that during the week she canceled once, and then didn’t answer our call or text. Sadly, things like this actually happen alot. Someone asks where they are going, they mention our church name, and it’s instant dislike and they are told we’re a cult. That is our first suspicion when appointments fall through and we get no contact with them. On the other side, it has only been a week. So wish us the best and pray for us that we may have the opportunity to meet with her. Both of us saw real potential!
On Tuesday we went to HongSeong! A 50 minute bus ride to NOWHERE!  HongSeong is a big city with less that half the population of Seosan, and Seosan is already small… District Meeting was focused on Integrity. We discussed a few different definitions of Integrity, but I’ve always enjoyed my definition the most. “Integrity is staying true to you beliefs and values even when no one can see.” “고결성은 다른 사람이 불 수 없을 때 너희의 믿음과 표준를 따르는 것이다” 
This week was a bit slow, so I will end it here. We’re short on time also because we have to go to Cheonan today 🙂 We haven’t received transfer calls yet, so you’ll have to wait one more week. Sorry!
Have a good day! Thanks for reading my blog! I Love you all!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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