One Baptism Coming Soon

This week was a little crazy! I only emailed just 5 days ago! So I hope you remember Children’s Day! What a blast… 😛 Thursday was Parent’s Day!!! Children went to school, things were open… it wasn’t much different of a day that any other day. I’m thankful for days like Mother’s Day and Father’s day in America. I truly enjoy them and spending time with my family! I had the AWESOME opportunity to skype my wonderful family on Saturday. (Friday night in Utah) They asked me weird questions. I spoke Korean to them. They laughed about weird YouTube video… and they even sand “Let it Go” to me just a little… BAH! I LOVE THAT SONG! I almost felt like I to was sitting in my front room chatting with my family on a Sunday afternoon. I miss you all!! I love you all!
An update on the mission work. The Seosan Elders has a baptism next Sunday!!!! He is a young boy age 13 maybe? His parents have both attended church once each, so I hope they are ready next! Because of children’s day we did surveys and from those surveys we received 11 numbers. 9 of which said that they would be willing to meet with missionaries! So we contacted them and got a few appointments. Tell you next week how they turn out ^-^ This week was a little void of exciting things an full of skyping home, so I’m running out of things to say. Maybe next email will have some more exciting news. 😉
Wednesday was my p-day this week. We went to Dangjin and we had English class and had a wonderful time talking about families. On Thursday in Seosan English Class we talked about jobs!  We had a good amount of people attend and so by the time our hour was up, we had only gotten through half of the planned teaching! Time passes fast when you’re having so much fun! And we have such good English speakers. So next week will be about jobs as well. Before English class on Thursday we met with our investigator Kim DoYeon. She admitted to us why it has been so hard for her to commit to a religion. She says she doesn’t have much belief in God and that the only reason she believes that he does exist is because someone has found Noah’s ark. She wasn’t religion in her life, but she has a hard time. I think coming to church will really help her with her faith. But she needs to act first! Good thing though is that she is reading the Book of Mormon well! Slowly, but she is reading! I’m so happy for her and I love her and I really hope she progresses.
That is the extent of my interesting things this week! This morning I went to the bathhouse again!!! What fun ^-^
Well have a good week! I love you muchly!
– Sister Jenson 젠슨자매  (jen-seun ja-mae)

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